NOH8 Campaign

Inspired by Robert Indi­ana’s LOVE sculp­ture, I orig­i­nal­ly designed it as dona­tion-fundrais­er for the “No On 8” cam­paign. Due to its flu­id Design mean­ing and impli­ca­tions, it can be uni­ver­sal­ly used to express your intol­er­ance to any form of “Hate” (H8).

If you are inter­est­ed in pur­chas­ing t‑shirts, bags, hats, but­tons, etc. with the NOH8 Design, I have set up a store­front with the NOH8 prod­uct line over at:


Par­tial pro­ceeds from this prod­uct line will be donat­ed towards the cam­paign against Propo­si­tion 8.1

In the mean­time, spread the word… http://justamemo.com/noh8

Update: There seems to be a NOH8 Cam­paign (a pho­to­graph­ic silent protest). More info here.

  1. Here is my stance on Prop 8, and why I’m against it. []

oh what the…

don’t you just hate it when you are chat­ting with some­one on AIM, and a new win­dow pops up from per­son b…just right before you are about to send your typed mes­sage to per­son a.

me: jon, how much you will­ing to pitch in for [yada yada yada] …
jon: my [hands were] pret­ty upset cause [it] was in the mid­dle of it, and i said [rock it don’t stop it]
jon: dude you always do that
jon: hmmm

or some­thing like that =) …

update: check out the first two com­ments in this entry haha