ill-ocano” — An Adobe Illustrator Warmup

I’ve been doing some exper­i­men­ta­tion with Adobe Edge this past week since it’s pre­view release on Mon­day. I fig­ure to have a break, and do some exer­cis­es with Adobe Illus­tra­tor. Hence, the above: “ill-ocano”.

The Ilo­cano or Ilokano peo­ple are the third largest Fil­ipino eth­no­lin­guis­tic group. Aside from being referred to as Ilo­canos, from “i”-from, and “looc”-bay, they also refer to them­selves as Sam­toy, from the Ilo­cano phrase “sao mi ditoy”, mean­ing ‘our lan­guage here.’ The word “Ilo­cano” came from the word “Ilo­co” or “Ylo­co.“1

Yes, it looks like the spelling is off, but the expla­na­tion of why it is so and the exer­cise is right after the jump.

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Nike Golf Ad — Earl Woods on Tiger

Tru­ly an amaz­ing ath­lete of our time.

YouTube Preview Image

This ad just came out at the right time and place. What a remark­able game for both Tiger Woods and Roc­co Medi­ate. I per­son­al­ly had a hard time pulling for one of them to win it all as both were great peeps. Damn, what a sto­ry… like a real time, under­dog movie. But each were an “under­dog” to them­selves, as that was their biggest neme­sis. Oh man… what a crazy, life­time event.

PS. Check out this arti­cle writ­ten by ESP­N’s Gene Woj­ciechows­ki, Golf comes up aces: Tiger, Roc­co save world of sports. You don’t have to be a Golf fan, or Sports fan… just human.