My Bare Lady

I was brows­ing Hulu try­ing to see what new shows they have added to their library—when I found this series, My Bare Lady.

Things heat up when four Amer­i­can adult film stars are sent to Lon­don’s most pres­ti­gious the­atri­cal school to prove they can real­ly act. When the cur­tain goes up, some­one’s going down.

When you think you have seen it all, you are then sur­prised with “real­i­ty” shows like this one. Any­ways, here’s the first episode of My Bare Lady1.

  1. The first episode aired on Decem­ber 7, 2006. []

Urban Outfitters — LSTN #2

Urban Out­fit­ters just released its sec­ond album, LSTN #2:

  1. Glassss­er / Apply
  2. Peter, Bjorn and John / Inland Empire
  3. Of Mon­tre­al / An Elu­ardian Instance
  4. Depart­ment of Eagles / No One Does It Like You
  5. Tak­ka Tak­ka / Silence
  6. Human High­way / The Sound
  7. Fujiya and Miya­gi / Dish­wash­er
  8. Free Blood / Quick and Painful
  9. The Tough Alliance / Neo Vio­lence
  10. Pas­sion Pit / Sleepy Head
  11. School of Sev­en Bells / Half Asleep
  12. The Spin­to Band / Sum­mer Grof
  13. Japan­ese Motors / Sin­gle Fins & Safe­ty Pins
  14. Women / Black Rice
  15. Sebastien Grainger / Amer­i­can Names
  16. Sky Larkin / Molten
  17. The Moon­dog­gies / Changin
  18. Girls / Hell­hole Ratrace
  19. Chair Lift / Evi­dent Uten­sil
  20. Koushik / Lying in the Sun
  21. Less­er Gon­za­lez Alvarez / Most­ly a Friend

Again, you may lis­ten to each track indi­vid­u­al­ly by going to this page, or click here to down­load all 21 tracks.