Keep Remixing! It’s The Future.

Film­mak­er Brett Gay­lor explores issues of copy­right in the infor­ma­tion age, mash­ing up the media land­scape of the 20th cen­tu­ry and shat­ter­ing the wall between users and pro­duc­ers.

Watch “RiP! A Remix Man­i­festo” here on Hulu.

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Transformation: Vivre-Réagir

For the con­test “Trans­for­ma­tion: Vivre-Réa­gir“1, Julien Las­sort and Matthieu Bur­lot explored the human face, the most exposed and per­son­al part of the human body. Their dynam­ic por­tray­al of “1000 et une faces“2 is a mosa­ic of por­traits and emo­tions that plays off of the pow­er of faces seen close up. Julien Far­go com­posed the melody that encap­su­lates the film.

  1. In eng­lish, “Trans­for­ma­tion: Live-React” []
  2. In eng­lish, “1000 and one faces” []

Coudal On Guerilla Marketing — Copy Goes Here

Copy Goes Here - Coudal

Coudal goes wild with Copy Goes Here film release. The film was a joint-col­lab project with Veer. More infor­ma­tion and pro­duc­tion notes maybe found where Copy Goes Here was linked. “Let’s learn to read.” HA =)

At first I thought their site got hacked. Go fig­ure. These guys are good haha =) …damn cre­atives!

For archival pur­pos­es, a screen­grab of the site ver­sion exists here.