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  • How To Install Java 7 on Mac OS X

    For most, this would come in handy with those using the latest browser extensions/add-ons that use Java, especially version 7 (in the time of this writing). There are two ways to go about this. First, for most users, they just need the JRE. The second are those doing development work and need the JDK. Before…

  • Google’s Project 10^100

    [youtube]NgSRwOZtDQ8[/youtube] Project 10100 is a call for ideas to change the world by helping as many people as possible. Here are the points in order to participate: Submit your ideas by October 20th. You may do so by using this submission form. Voting takes place on January 27, 2009. Google will be picking the top…

  • Congrats Sir Al Gore!

    Thank you for leading the movement mainstream that hopefully can save our planet!