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  • Super Bowl 42 – OMG!

    Was that a crazy 2-minute drill or what?!?!?! Eli manning surely is growing up. It would’ve been nice to have seen the perfect NFL season in my lifetime though. Oh well, maybe next year(?) =)

  • Lids’ Twisted Collection

    I got the word from Lance earlier this week about Lids Twisted collection of hats. It’s mostly for MLB teams which have “twisted” color-schemes. For example, a NY Yankees’ cap but with Boster Red Sox colors. But yeah, pretty cool collection. I was thinking of getting one from them. It might be the only way…

  • Congrats Sir Al Gore!

    Thank you for leading the movement mainstream that hopefully can save our planet!

  • A Message About the Climate Crisis by Al Gore

    If you aren’t aware about what’s going on with our planet, our home… our Earth, please watch documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Meanwhile, Live Earth was this past weekend. It kicked off a whole campaign to save our planet, the place we live and breath in. Let’s all do our part. It ain’t that hard. PS.…

  • Happy 4th!

    PS. 5 hours of pick-up softball in 80+ degree is fun till the 4th hour.