Post-Graduates and Marathons

Things that make you go hmmm… Why is this so true with those who are done with their school work. It’s like:

Hi Mom! Here’s my diplo­ma. Now, it’s time to run 26 miles. See you in a bit.

But yeah, just a thought that came to me like Jer­ry’s epiphany. Is it this unspo­ken truth that every­one in their 20s do all of a sud­den? It’s like the unsolved mys­tery of why every kid in the world with a NES know­ing the trick to blow into their car­tridge to make it “work”.

From my mind to yours, Hip Hop is Dead

Woah… My Tuesday During the Summer

sherwin@THIS-CLASS-IS-HELL% gmake parser
bison -d declare.y; /bin/mv declare.tab.c declare.tab.cc
declare.y contains 1 shift/reduce conflict.
g++ -c -g declare.tab.cc
flex -it scanner.l > scanner.cc
g++ -c -g scanner.cc
g++ -c main.cc -o main.o
g++ -c symtab.cc -o symtab.o
g++ -g declare.tab.o scanner.o main.o symtab.o -o parser
sherwin@THIS-CLASS-IS-HELL% f0k f0k f0k
syntax error "f0k f0k f0k"
sherwin@THIS-CLASS-IS-HELL% well f0k you t00

And how was your Tues­day spent? Drop a com­ment or some­thin’…

From my burnt mind to yours… f0k Lab. Peace.