Was I Right or Was I Right?!

Campfire - Simple group chat for business

Oh man, I for­got I wrote this this past Decem­ber 14 after hear­ing great news on 37signals’ new prod­uct, Camp­fire. Sweet­ness! =p

Speak­ing of pre­dic­tions and the new year, I won­der how new prod­ucts such as Microsoft’s Expres­sion, Kaboo­dle and Krugle do. It’s only Feb­ru­ary and new start-ups are pop­ping out every­where. I guess we’ll just have to see and find out. Don’t we?

PS. The “fire­wood” is in there some­where…

Linkage Finds Interesting Treasures for the Mind

One of the “weak­ness­es” that I have (oth­er than a suck­er for FREE food) would prob­a­bly be the fact that I like to learn a lot of new things. How can this be a weak­ness? Well, it’s kind of like play­ing sports. You would like to get into each sport you see on TV or the ones that your peers love to play. By doing so, you get to become a great ath­lete. How­ev­er, a down­side to that would be you not being able to become a great play­er of a par­tic­u­lar sport. Now, this might not be true for every­thing and every­one but col­lec­tive­ly, it is.

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