Category: Technology

  • Use the Cavalry 2TB CADA002SA2-B External Drive in OS X and Windows

    I recently purchased an external drive to upgrade from my Western Digital My Book 500GB Essential Edition. I needed the upgrade as I am planning to upgrade the hard drive on my MacBook Pro some time this year to at least a 500GB (from a 120GB). I decided to go with the Cavalry 2TB CADA002SA2-B…

  • DIY Helmet Cam for Snowboarding & Skiing

    I dedicate the following video to the homie Keno for sure! Haha… He’s been thinking of doing something like this and usually holds his Powershot with his right hand while going down the slopes. The only problem with his technique is that it somewhat hinders his balance. One the other hand, the only down side…

  • Unix/Bash Directory Listings Color

    Just wanted to note here the colors I use when doing the ls command in bash for future reference. It should be a good starting point to those needing a bit more color as well.

  • A Longer Walk on Google Maps

    It was cool to find out that Apple released an update to iPhone 2.2 today. After going through the process, I couldn’t wait to try out the new features—specially the ones involving Google Maps. They were: Street View, and public transit & walking directions. Things were fine when all of a sudden… a “things that…

  • Gmail Themes

    My account finally got updated with the new Gmail Themes! Looks pretty cool and should provide users some spice in their email time.