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The New Canon 30D

Canon 30D

As I was doing my late-night news roundup, I stum­bled upon some inter­est­ing new Web 2.0 apps. The top two that are on my list to beta-test are Fold­era and Fly­spy. I can’t wait to see how Fold­era works, it seems that it’ll be use­ful at work and at home. As for Fly­spy, this thing should make it eas­i­er for those of us “remote­ly” work­ing from home. I hope it saves me a ton of cash so I may have some left for some oth­er good­ies lat­er this year. Not to men­tion, a cou­ple of expens­es dur­ing my big trips (Hawaii, Japan and P.I.).

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Interchangeable Shadow Reflection


Gold­en Pur­ple Thai by stechico.

Had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to go to the City and do some errands. Also grabbed a cou­ple of things from URBN with some gift cards I final­ly found. After, I got hun­gry and head­ed up the hill to King Thai aka. “Pur­ple Thai” as we refer to it.

So, while look­ing at the pho­to more, it got me think­ing deep. It’s kind of like “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey” shorts. A reflec­tion can be a shad­ow(?). But can a shad­ow be a reflec­tion, or is it mere­ly just itself—a shad­ow? “Things that make you go… hmmm.” What say you?