The New VSCO Cam


VSCO Cam is an easy-to-use iPhone camera app with elegant, minimal processing options. The sleek interface and streamlined workflow enable you to quickly create beautiful images to share via major social media outlets.

I’ve been using VSCO Cam on my iPhone 4 for the past year. Its been in my mobile photography’s workflow as I like its film emulation. It gives the closest feel of a “memory” for me.

Recently, VSCO has made an announcement that there will be a new release of the VSCO Cam app. This will be now free for everyone with an iOS device. However, if you have paid for the now “old” version of it, you get to update one more time (up to version 1.2.10). Supposedly there are goodies that will be unlocked once the new version of the app makes its way to the iTunes Store.

For now, enjoy these mocks of the new app showing its new UI, features and presets.

UI & features:


Source via VSCO