Natsumi Hayashi, Float-ography

Natsumi Hayashi is a Tokyo-based photographer who started a series of levitating self-portraits. I, myself, have been tagging these (i.e. “jump” shots) in my Flickr collection. I’ve been encouraging friends and family to do this often as its just an escape from the norm. Though it’s somewhat distant from what Natsumi Hayashi has done with her series, it’s nice to see her collection and work.

Imagine the timing, the setup, and time it takes to do a self-portrait; not to mention, while “levitating”. Doing these in Tokyo, where you have a great sense of safety for your belongings and self, does help a bit. It has to be one of the most honest cities that I have experienced in my travels.

Meanwhile, when asked why she started this series, she responded with the following:

We are all surrounded by social stress as we are bound by the forces of Earth’s gravity. So, I hope that people feel something like an instant release from their stressful days by seeing my levitation photos.

Here are some more of her photos:

You may view more at her photo-blog entitled, “Yowayowa Diary“. I hope you take a look, and “jump while you can.”

Source via MyModernMet