& Presents: Students of the Culture Mixtape


This just came out this past week in the interwebs. Have a listen. Not your ordinary Hip-Hop mixtape album. It contains some funky, jazzy and soulful tracks to liven up your TGIF-ness. Not to mention, a glimpse of future talented artists who are coined in this digital compilation—Students of the Culture.

Track listing and download links below:


Here’s the text version of the track listing:

  1. The Kid Daytona – It’s Getting Hot
  2. Shawn Chrystopher – Watching Me
  3. Fresh Daily – BMX
  4. Chris Barz – Dreamers feat. Jesse Boykins III
  5. Wale – Wonder Why feat. Big Sean, Mike Posner, Kenn Starr
  6. Pugz Atomz – Star of the Show
  7. K. Sparks – Melancholy Memories
  8. Boognights – The Time
  9. Cymarshall Law – Kid from the Creator
  10. Nickelus F – Footlocker Shopper
  11. Fashawn – Life as a Shorty
  12. G.o.D Jewelz – The Break Up
  13. Jade – Really!
  14. Christian Rich – I Am, I Be
  15. Brittany Street – Gone
  16. True 2 Life – That’s That
  17. Dame Fifty’5 – Fast Lane

You may download the mixtape by going:

The latter link is the one I cleaned up in terms of ID3 tags, as well as having the tracks in order. The original didn’t have it from what I recall. I also ran the songs through MixMeister to grab the BPM. So, your choice on which one to get it from; same MP3 files with exception to the ID3 tag update.

Enjoy! TGIF!

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