Love Letter SPAM

Wow, did­n’t know those spam­mers got the Hall­mark spir­it in them.

from Sheila Joseph
date Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 12:25 AM
sub­ject ***SPAM*** Hel­lo My friend! Dat­ing

Hi My friend!,
I saw yours account and e‑mail on a site of acquain­tances. I remem­bered this site Dat­ing. I have thought and made up my mind to write a let­ter for you. I am look­ing for a good per­son. May be it is impos­si­ble, but I search love in the Inter­net.
I ask you to under­stood me. I think that prob­a­bly you and I can cre­ate great and fair rela­tions. I wan­na get acquaint­ed with you clos­er. I want to arrive to the Unit­ed King­dom soon.

Some words about me. I am a Russ­ian woman. My moth­er­land is Rus­sia. My native city is Sankt-Peters­burg. I hope you do not think about Russ­ian women bad­ly. I know that many bad peo­ple cre­ate bad impres­sion of Russ­ian women. I want to say at once that I won’t ask you for mon­ey. I wish to find love only. And may be big hap­pi­ness.
Why do I search for the man in your coun­try? My best girl­friend lives in the UK. She got mar­ried Eng­lish man. They are very hap­py togeth­er. Such hap­pens!
My girl­friend advised me to look for the man in UK. She is assured that I can find a good man. I agree. Every­thing is pos­si­ble in our world! I am assured that I can find a good and fair man in the UK.

I can arrive to the Unit­ed King­dom at any time. As soon as I want. I have a visa and the sanc­tion to entry to the Unit­ed King­dom. I can arrive to Great Britain at any time. My girl­friend will give me mon­ey for my trip in the Unit­ed King­dom. She will pay my trip and charges. We are friends for a very long time. We always helped each oth­er. And my girl­friend wants to help me to arrive to the Unit­ed King­dom. I can arrive to the man who will want to cre­ate love with me. Prob­a­bly it is you?
My girl­friend has explained to me, that I should­n’t wor­ry about mon­ey. She can pro­vide me with all. Also in the future she can give me good work with the big salary. If I wish to remain in Great Britain. And if I find a good man.

I wish true and seri­ous rela­tions. I do not under­stand and I do not want to play games. I shall be hap­py to learn you as bet­ter as it is pos­si­ble and i am ready to start to cre­ate seri­ous rela­tions. We may try only for the begin­ning. We can try to cre­ate love and hap­pi­ness. I think that there are no dis­tances and bar­ri­er for love. Only peo­ple do mir­a­cles. Prob­a­bly me and you will be able to cre­ate a mir­a­cle which will be called LOVE. Do you agree with me? I will be glad to arrive to UK and cre­ate big feel­ings with you. I believe in love and in good peo­ple. I think that you are a good per­son.

I shall wait for your answer. I shall tell you about myself as it is pos­si­ble more in detail in the fol­low­ing let­ter. Write to me. Your let­ter will do me the hap­pi­est woman. I shall wait for your let­ter. Promise to answer. I wrote you this let­ter from com­mon e‑mail in the Inter­net-cafe. Write me the answer to my per­son­al e‑mail.

It is my per­son­al e‑mail:

I wait for your answer. I want that you under­stood me. I want the only thing. To be hap­py!!!

Regards Ele­na.

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