Love Letter SPAM

Wow, didn’t know those spammers got the Hallmark spirit in them.

from Sheila Joseph
date Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 12:25 AM
subject ***SPAM*** Hello My friend! Dating

Hi My friend!,
I saw yours account and e-mail on a site of acquaintances. I remembered this site Dating. I have thought and made up my mind to write a letter for you. I am looking for a good person. May be it is impossible, but I search love in the Internet.
I ask you to understood me. I think that probably you and I can create great and fair relations. I wanna get acquainted with you closer. I want to arrive to the United Kingdom soon.

Some words about me. I am a Russian woman. My motherland is Russia. My native city is Sankt-Petersburg. I hope you do not think about Russian women badly. I know that many bad people create bad impression of Russian women. I want to say at once that I won’t ask you for money. I wish to find love only. And may be big happiness.
Why do I search for the man in your country? My best girlfriend lives in the UK. She got married English man. They are very happy together. Such happens!
My girlfriend advised me to look for the man in UK. She is assured that I can find a good man. I agree. Everything is possible in our world! I am assured that I can find a good and fair man in the UK.

I can arrive to the United Kingdom at any time. As soon as I want. I have a visa and the sanction to entry to the United Kingdom. I can arrive to Great Britain at any time. My girlfriend will give me money for my trip in the United Kingdom. She will pay my trip and charges. We are friends for a very long time. We always helped each other. And my girlfriend wants to help me to arrive to the United Kingdom. I can arrive to the man who will want to create love with me. Probably it is you?
My girlfriend has explained to me, that I shouldn’t worry about money. She can provide me with all. Also in the future she can give me good work with the big salary. If I wish to remain in Great Britain. And if I find a good man.

I wish true and serious relations. I do not understand and I do not want to play games. I shall be happy to learn you as better as it is possible and i am ready to start to create serious relations. We may try only for the beginning. We can try to create love and happiness. I think that there are no distances and barrier for love. Only people do miracles. Probably me and you will be able to create a miracle which will be called LOVE. Do you agree with me? I will be glad to arrive to UK and create big feelings with you. I believe in love and in good people. I think that you are a good person.

I shall wait for your answer. I shall tell you about myself as it is possible more in detail in the following letter. Write to me. Your letter will do me the happiest woman. I shall wait for your letter. Promise to answer. I wrote you this letter from common e-mail in the Internet-cafe. Write me the answer to my personal e-mail.

It is my personal e-mail:

I wait for your answer. I want that you understood me. I want the only thing. To be happy!!!

Regards Elena.