What Causes the Lazy?

I just over­heard some­one say­ing this:

I get lazy when I don’t do any­thing.

Does that sound weird to you at all, or is it just me? I mean, aren’t you already lazy if you don’t do any­thing? The def­i­n­i­tion of “lazy”:

adj. la·z·er, la·zi·est

1. Resis­tant to work or exer­tion; dis­posed to idle­ness.
2. Slow-mov­ing; slug­gish: a lazy riv­er.
3. Con­ducive to idle­ness or indo­lence: a lazy sum­mer day.

Mean­while, I also know that if you don’t do any­thing, you are relax­ing, but that itself is weird too. I mean, “relax­ing” is a verb.

Abbr. V or vb.
* The part of speech that express­es exis­tence, action, or occur­rence in most lan­guages.

Action” is the key­word. So I guess, if you are relax­ing you ain’t real­ly doing noth­ing or any­thing. Thus, my pre­vi­ous state­ment that “if you don’t do any­thing, you are relax­ing” is some­what wrong to an extent to what relax­ing is define d as. Know­ing this, it proves say­ing that

[you] get lazy when [you] don’t do any­thing”

just does­n’t make sense—just plain pleonas­tic.

Bot­tom-line kids, don’t do drugs.

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