Home for Thanksgiving

Being home for the holidays is a good thing. Going home on a 6:40am flight is not so good. Especially if you do not want to pay $25 for a cab to the airport, and want to just get a free ride from a roommate that goes to work at 4:30am like me.

Maybe its just poor planning on my part last night. I tried to clean up my room as much as I can when I got home from the city, as well as do laundry. I also tried knocking out some easy tasks for work since I’ll be OOTO (out of the office) till Tuesday next week. I think I finished cleaning and packing my luggage around 2am. So by that, I only slept 2-2.5 hours and got up at 4:15am to get ready to leave with Biggy for the airport.

It was getting busy when I arrived and lined up on the security check line. I was fortunate enough to get in group-B for Southwest. I think I was the third person on that line. The thing with that is, or at least being alone on a flight, would probably be not having a buddy to watch your stuff when you go to the restroom.

Anyways, the fligh was on schedule for a 6:40am departure out of Oakland. We arrived in Burbank right on time, 7:50am. Got picked up by my brother in his tweaked Civic Hatchback ’95. It freaking only had two seats. The rest of the inside was pretty much the frame. Sometimes, I don’t know how he thinks. Then again, it’s his car.

Meanwhile, the ride home was bumpy. Dropped cars ain’t really your typical smooth ride. Don’t get me wrong, they’re good for racing but common… when was the last time you’ve been on a real racing circuit? So yah, got home a bit before 10am after eating some breakfast. I really wanted to do stuff and not just sit at home. But alas, 2 hours of sleep ain’t going to get things the way you wanted to. And all I can remember was turning off the TV, pulling the sheet over me and waking up at 3pm.

So, here I am: checking email; looking at my fantasy football and basketball leagues; and waiting for my mom and aunt to get home so we can do something. We’ll probably just end up eating (as usual) and chill at home. But we’ll see, a 5 hour “nap” really does some weird stuff to people’s body and clock. Maybe the movies?

Alas, happy Thanksgiving/Turkey Day everyone. Denver at Dallas seems like a good game to watch for NFL this Thursday. That should keep you entertained after/before you hover all that delicious food. “Eat, drink and be merry” as Dave would say. Go Turkey!