The Block is Hot!


What is up with the current weather? I went to LA this past weekend and OMG, it was just yucky summer weather. I mean, I’ve been there for the past couple of years… but it never sucked that bad. Yah, it was like 90s but it was more humid than usual.

Its probably because of Hurricane Katrina. She’s behind all this weather pattern that were having lately. I mean come on, you got a forecast of high 70s in downtown SF with no freakin’ nice breeze whatsoever. Then, the temperature reaching the high 80s past noon—that’s just crazy.

I know what you Californians are saying, “it might be earthquake weather.” Yah, I hear you too, it might be. It was like that in the past, and usually around this time. Blah. Knock on wood… hopefully its not but just a case of Katrina.

Just needed to get that out. Freakin’ weather is suckin’ especially here in downtown where its usually nice and cool. People usually wear a light sweater or jacket. But today, I think I saw more people wearing their office clothes than their regular leather and denim jackets.

Seems that its always the female storms that causes the most problems. I guess its like PMS. When they feel shitty, you just gotta stay away from them. Anyways, I just hope that those in her path are okay, especially those in Louisiana.