Lou’s Questionnaire

Brothaman Lou made his own ques­tion­naire haha =)

1. If you were a nin­ja, what would your nin­ja name be and what would you do now that you’re a nin­ja?

My name would be Hei Dawgh. I’ll pro­l­ly be drop­ping knowl­edge bombs that caus­es idi­ot­ic peo­ple to be smart about it.

2. Do some­thing com­plete­ly unex­pect­ed and ran­dom like Natal­ie Port­man’s char­ac­ter in Gar­den State and describe what you just did.


3. Name 3 of your favorite toys grow­ing up as a kid.

uno) G.I. Joes
dos) Trans­form­ers (die-cast met­al)
tres) Nin­ten­do

4. What’s some­thing obscure you learned in school that you some­how still remem­ber?

If you got­ta go, you got­ta go.

5. You wake up one morn­ing and find out you’re a princess. Who would be your prince and how would you rule over your peo­ple?

What the hell are you smok­ing?

6. Which song do you think is the best “feel-good” song in the his­to­ry of mankind?

Feels Good (Toni Tony Tone)

7. If you had the option to live the rest of your life in a con­stant orgasm…would you take it?

No, that’ll be to messy. The hell?! What kin­da nin­ja is that?

8. Osama bin Laden has been cap­tured by the Marines and they turned him over to you to get some answers out of him. What meth­ods of tor­ture would you use?

That’ll be clas­si­fied infor­ma­tion. I have to kill you if I tell you.

9. Com­plete this sen­tence: “Yo mama so _____, she _______!”

Blank… and blank. Word to yer moth­ers.

10. What is the most touching/memorable moment of your life?

Touch­ing”… or touchy? But most mem­o­rable moment pro­l­ly hap­pened yes­ter­day. So when tomor­row comes, today will be the lat­est.

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