Lou’s Questionnaire

Brothaman Lou made his own questionnaire haha =)

1. If you were a ninja, what would your ninja name be and what would you do now that you’re a ninja?

My name would be Hei Dawgh. I’ll prolly be dropping knowledge bombs that causes idiotic people to be smart about it.

2. Do something completely unexpected and random like Natalie Portman’s character in Garden State and describe what you just did.


3. Name 3 of your favorite toys growing up as a kid.

uno) G.I. Joes
dos) Transformers (die-cast metal)
tres) Nintendo

4. What’s something obscure you learned in school that you somehow still remember?

If you gotta go, you gotta go.

5. You wake up one morning and find out you’re a princess. Who would be your prince and how would you rule over your people?

What the hell are you smoking?

6. Which song do you think is the best “feel-good” song in the history of mankind?

Feels Good (Toni Tony Tone)

7. If you had the option to live the rest of your life in a constant orgasm…would you take it?

No, that’ll be to messy. The hell?! What kinda ninja is that?

8. Osama bin Laden has been captured by the Marines and they turned him over to you to get some answers out of him. What methods of torture would you use?

That’ll be classified information. I have to kill you if I tell you.

9. Complete this sentence: “Yo mama so _____, she _______!”

Blank… and blank. Word to yer mothers.

10. What is the most touching/memorable moment of your life?

“Touching”… or touchy? But most memorable moment prolly happened yesterday. So when tomorrow comes, today will be the latest.