South By Southwest

Flying down on a Thursday evening with nothing else in my head but the cool summer breeze of LA. That and smog… mmm mmm good. But what else can we expect on a weekday trip backdown to SoCal? Well, I have appointments Friday, all day. Not the kind of appointments that are for business but the ones that can help YOU—medical and dental… yes’m.

It starts w/ my quarterly thing that I get myself to do, a blood test. Yes, a blood test and quarterly taken. Why quarterly? You may ask… Because I might as well use my medical insurance for something other than injuries or emergencies. Think about it, if you’re paying $20-30+ per paycheck, thats about at least $480 per year (with a biweekly pay). Besides paying that much, a regular blood test (and medical checkup) is great for you. You get to know how you are doing with your diet; diet as in eating food, not the kind of diet you lose a grip of weight with.

Besides, I also was coughing (more like dry-coughing) for a couple of weeks after being sick with a cold and flu. Its just been weird because everytime after I catch a cold/flu, I would have the same thing. So anyways, after being checked up by our family doctor, he said that it might be some kind of allergy. Which surprised me a lot because I never really had any allergic reactions, ever—well now theres at least one, after being sick. I think it all started because of the fires in south OC and northern SD last summer. All that ash and debree just aint goood for you, especially when their freaking small particles that you cant even see. Bottomline, BAD.

Well, after chillin’ with the doctor, I went straight to my dentist were they started the procedures to get my crown replaced. They took off the old crown. Cleaned and maintained the space where it came from, and then put back the old crown as a temporary till I get the new one in two weeks. Man o’ man, it was just messy.

They injected me twice; one inside and the other outside, gum-wise adjacent to the tooth. I was just like Beethoven. Not the musician, but the freaking St. Bernard—slobbering all over the place. Slobbered so much that the dental asst. was laughing.

Good times. I miss the Golden Girls (my mom, my aunt and my grandma) as well as the knuckle-heads (my bro and his GF, T). Its very nice to see ’em, and makes paying the plane ride well worth it with the extra time you get to spend with fam. Anyways, I’ma go chill and watch some TFC, maybe get luck and catch Tony‘s game.

Focker Ouuuuut!

PS. I forgot its the age-old Freeway Series this weekend. Should be a good a great matchup. Wonder if they’re using this series as a wager for the name “Los Angeles.” Check here for more info (ESPN article).