South By Southwest

Fly­ing down on a Thurs­day evening with noth­ing else in my head but the cool sum­mer breeze of LA. That and smog… mmm mmm good. But what else can we expect on a week­day trip back­down to SoCal? Well, I have appoint­ments Fri­day, all day. Not the kind of appoint­ments that are for busi­ness but the ones that can help YOU—medical and den­tal… yes’m.

It starts w/ my quar­ter­ly thing that I get myself to do, a blood test. Yes, a blood test and quar­ter­ly tak­en. Why quar­ter­ly? You may ask… Because I might as well use my med­ical insur­ance for some­thing oth­er than injuries or emer­gen­cies. Think about it, if you’re pay­ing $20–30+ per pay­check, thats about at least $480 per year (with a biweek­ly pay). Besides pay­ing that much, a reg­u­lar blood test (and med­ical check­up) is great for you. You get to know how you are doing with your diet; diet as in eat­ing food, not the kind of diet you lose a grip of weight with.

Besides, I also was cough­ing (more like dry-cough­ing) for a cou­ple of weeks after being sick with a cold and flu. Its just been weird because every­time after I catch a cold/flu, I would have the same thing. So any­ways, after being checked up by our fam­i­ly doc­tor, he said that it might be some kind of aller­gy. Which sur­prised me a lot because I nev­er real­ly had any aller­gic reac­tions, ever—well now theres at least one, after being sick. I think it all start­ed because of the fires in south OC and north­ern SD last sum­mer. All that ash and debree just aint goood for you, espe­cial­ly when their freak­ing small par­ti­cles that you cant even see. Bot­tom­line, BAD.

Well, after chill­in’ with the doc­tor, I went straight to my den­tist were they start­ed the pro­ce­dures to get my crown replaced. They took off the old crown. Cleaned and main­tained the space where it came from, and then put back the old crown as a tem­po­rary till I get the new one in two weeks. Man o’ man, it was just messy.

They inject­ed me twice; one inside and the oth­er out­side, gum-wise adja­cent to the tooth. I was just like Beethoven. Not the musi­cian, but the freak­ing St. Bernard—slobbering all over the place. Slob­bered so much that the den­tal asst. was laugh­ing.

Good times. I miss the Gold­en Girls (my mom, my aunt and my grand­ma) as well as the knuck­le-heads (my bro and his GF, T). Its very nice to see ’em, and makes pay­ing the plane ride well worth it with the extra time you get to spend with fam. Any­ways, I’ma go chill and watch some TFC, maybe get luck and catch Tony’s game.

Fock­er Ouu­u­u­ut!

PS. I for­got its the age-old Free­way Series this week­end. Should be a good a great matchup. Won­der if they’re using this series as a wager for the name “Los Ange­les.” Check here for more info (ESPN arti­cle).

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