change is good

well, here it is…finally, a redesign that was suppose to roll-out on the 1st of may—at least most of it. but unfortunately, (or should it be fortunate?), there were a couple of small-medium-and-big changes that happened all around me that contributed to pushing the deadline and the work schedule for the redesign.

well, first…its spring. spring cleaning to me this year was somewhat bigger than expected. the bottom-line to that is its really “spring CLEANING”. back to being for figurative, if you dont know/have no idea yet, i recently was fortunate to be picked up by a great company, Monster Worldwide. they own and other ventures that mostly do business online. to be more specific, i currently work for a division of monster,; as a “web engineer”. its weird how i got found by them.

after the PI vacation and the december-holiday festivities, i started redesigning my online portfolio and updating my resume in january. so after a couple of weeks when i finished my tasks, i started posting everywhere—pretty much the big sites that i knew where working for me a long time ago (ie. my first job search after graduating from college). i also posted on craigslist, both locally and nationwide (ie. LA, OC, SF, ATL, NV, NY, etc etc)—just to see what opportunities may come knocking.

after a couple of days, i got hella hits on the portfolio site, as well as a couple of emails from different people and business. i got a couple of praises and comments about the clean-liness and tight layout of the site. also, got a couple of business propositions ranging from small redesigns, to long-term opps. but the most memorable one was probably a call from i was surprised, at first, how a monster company found me through craigslist; and how they wanted to fly-me up to the bay for a day for an in-person interview.

from what you are thinking, yes, the interview went well and its almost two months since i started with them (back in april). the move was sudden, i had a couple of days to think it over really well. i was weighing out different options (from different job offers) as well as moving away from the fam/friends in socal—the factor that weighed the most. i guess the factor that made me make up mind is: “home and family will always be there”.

i know its sudden and all, didn’t really get to hang out and tell all y’all peeps—not even a mass email. so please, dont feel upset, it wasn’t intentional or anything like that—just didn’t want to make a bother. anyways, fast-forwarding to now… the experience has so far been good to me. my work is really cool, i’m learning hella stuff that i wanted to know or arm myself for the future of my career with. i really like the fact that its 50%-design and 50%-development/programming. yah, yah, the programming side needs a lil bit more work since i haven’t really done any hardcore programming since way-back-in-college. so i guess this is my challenge for now; along with taking in the bay culture which is all relative to the LA’s.

anyways, i’ll continue this later on. i justed wanted to give somewhat of an update of where i’ve been; or where this site re-design is going. so, here it is… sorry again for the long overdue re-design. it aint that big of a re-design, but i’m gonna guarantee that its going to be more easier to work with in the future. i really want to add more features to this blog-site that’ll help me (as well) organize my life, tasks, to-do lists, etc etc.

so i’ll leave you with this. peace and god bless, i hope you have/had a great memorial weekend holiday. be stress free, and KIT.

from my mind to yours, a dodger amongst giants—i still bleed dodger blue.