The Job Hunt

A new year, and still new opportunities to be made.

Well yah… spoke w/ (a company), based at Downtown SF (market st. & stockton st.). i guess theyre gonna fly me up there for a day to interview with the gang. Also met with an interactive agency based in LA (La Brea/Beverly), Mach18. I’m also waiting to hear back from a couple of local companies such as Kelly Blue Book, Paciolan and Autobytel. So yah, this is the very first time I’ve every gotten’ so much phone calls and interviews. Its just weird that it (the calls and emails) came when I am applying as a Web Designer. Maybe its the portfolio ( Maybe its the shoes? The shoes? Its gotta be the shoes…

Meanwhile, its just weird all of a sudden how you go about doing interviews and meetings w/ potential employers when you get experience from your first job. You are more collected, more mellow and know what to ask the employers—pretty much the things that you didn’t like about your previous job, but in a nice way.

So, where am I looking to work at? I’d love to stay in the OC. Its near LA/home, in between the beach and mountains, and freakin’ chill. I’ve placed some resumes w/ companies based in downtown SD, LA and SF, through craigslist mostly. The one that called me,, was through Craigslist. Its just weird how they musta like my background and experience for them to fly me up there. Oh well, we’ll see how it goes.

But yah, I’m looking forward to prolly interviewing with them by next Thursday. I’m still trying to figure out if I should stay after the interview and chill a bit since I’m there already; or just come right-back after the interview. Thats another thing, I’m like freakin’ asking for advice and stuff on monster on what to expect with these kinds of interviews (where they fly you), how to travel with a suit, and just be clean the whole day of.

From my mind to yours, wish me luck in getting a career job… (I like to design/code at the same time—hopefully its one of these interviews)