Memos from March 2004

happy st. patty’s day

its one of those days of the year where col­or is exact­ly the oppo­site and actu­al­ly means a good thing. we some­times affil­i­ate green as gross, puke, or …you know… G‑13 Clas­si­fied (but that’s anoth­er sto­ry). any­ways i’ll leave you with these doo­ds… i guess mr. wonka’s umpa lumpas caught the green fever as well ^^

in oth­er news… i put up my first-ever ebay auc­tion. here’s a link, its a brand new Lee Den­im Rid­er Jack­et, size XXL.

anoth­er thing, there has been over “4738 bored peeps” since last year that have vis­it­ed this site—because they were pro­l­ly bored, but yah…thanks for wast­ing some of your time read­ing my train of thoughts and every­day-life-idio­cies. any­ways, may green be with you through­out the day.


i would con­sid­er today a “bad-hair-day.” damn, i need to get me a haircut—i’ma chia-pet. i guess i can blame those freakin’ shampoo+conditioner com­bos from cost­co. they make your hair grow fast. oh well…

props to my bro

just heard some great news from my broth­er glen… his band (rhythm natives) got booked to per­form on the warped tour in june! he said that they can play pos­si­bly up to 6 shows. but, as of now, due to class­es that some of the band mem­bers are attending…they might do at least 2 for sure (i.e. fuller­ton, and san fran­cis­co). …more info as soon as i find out what the hell they’re going to do.