tgif on the tlc tip

what else is new? hen­do and i designed some new tees for sigep—bangin’; gas is some­what going down; i am sick of alco­hol after last week’s shindig; and jevon just hates me—f0ker calls me at work just to say some­thing and hangs up… WTF?! at least i email the f0ker my smart-ass remarks … and end it with a smi­lie like =P or ^^ or =) or =D …but f0k that, next time that m0therf0ker calls me and straight out hangs up …i’m putting this ..|..

=p —look jevon smi­lie *cough*f0ker*cough* any­ways, its weird that peo­ple who are younger than me are caught up with their damn emo­tions. shit, there’s oth­er things going on in the world and being pissed because of some small as shit ain’t worth it… so if the raiders aren’t get­ting any dubs… so what? =p you thought i was gonna talk about the “jack­ASS” huh huh O_o well, every­thing else is like gravy. just try­ing to flow like water through my weeks. adapt­ing to the change in cli­mate, as well as life’s momen­tary lemons—like water yo…fluid. a lit­tle phi­los­o­phy for ya young­in’s. does­n’t hurt to have one, once in a while. hmmm, i just real­ized that i might con­sid­er going back to school. either to get my mas­ters in com­put­er engi­neer­ing. or, get anoth­er b.s. for graph­ic arts/digital design—seems fun, got inspired by hen­do; i just ain’t got the big bucks for that bad boy. but we’ll see, my only hope is win­ning the lot­tery (well, i guess every­ones). just need enough mon­ey to get my debt to zero, zilch, not-a-thing… from my mind to yours, here’s the shirt hen­do and i made for sigep (click here)

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