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what else is new? hendo and i designed some new tees for sigep—bangin’; gas is somewhat going down; i am sick of alcohol after last week’s shindig; and jevon just hates me—f0ker calls me at work just to say something and hangs up… WTF?! at least i email the f0ker my smart-ass remarks … and end it with a smilie like =P or ^^ or =) or =D …but f0k that, next time that m0therf0ker calls me and straight out hangs up …i’m putting this ..|..

=p <—look jevon smilie *cough*f0ker*cough* anyways, its weird that people who are younger than me are caught up with their damn emotions. shit, there's other things going on in the world and being pissed because of some small as shit ain't worth it… so if the raiders aren't getting any dubs… so what? =p you thought i was gonna talk about the "jackASS" huh huh O_o well, everything else is like gravy. just trying to flow like water through my weeks. adapting to the change in climate, as well as life's momentary lemons—like water yo…fluid. a little philosophy for ya youngin's. doesn't hurt to have one, once in a while. hmmm, i just realized that i might consider going back to school. either to get my masters in computer engineering. or, get another b.s. for graphic arts/digital design—seems fun, got inspired by hendo; i just ain't got the big bucks for that bad boy. but we'll see, my only hope is winning the lottery (well, i guess everyones). just need enough money to get my debt to zero, zilch, not-a-thing… from my mind to yours, here's the shirt hendo and i made for sigep (click here)