damn, this is a looong vacation…

it feels like i haven’t worked for so dang looooooong—wait thats true. anyways, what i have been doing while looking for a “career” is an adventure on its own. i usually wake up way early in the morning just to catch the news…yup, the morning news—it’s usually 7 o’ clock, or 8 o’ clock… yup, in the morning.

during memorial day monday, i saw good day LA by fox-tv on channel 11. it’s weird to see how that show can take the number one spot in morning news category. i mean, they just fool around…and they’re very laid back in comparison to other morning news cast teams. but i guess that’s the winning combination for a morning news show, some good lookin’ women and some great laugh.

so what else is new? you might say. well, a lot but also a little… weird huh?! everything is locked down in OC. i drink vitamins everyday and still, i get sick. i work out and still, i get tired (then get sick). i try to win the lottery and still, i forget to buy a ticket in the first place (then get sick). so pretty much—i’m on the sick-streak, or i’m a sick-mofo. i don’t know what it is or what’s causing such a phenomenon to occur on a regular basis around me. what the heck?!

in other news, happy bday cat! (belated or what have you…) i hope you were “supplies(ed)” haha even though there were tons of shoes at the doorway. but as always, good times when the homies have a get-together.

also, it’s also good seeing friends after a long amount of MIA-age time. but nothing can beat the good source of random things—juan aka. jon, aka. juan-two-three, aka. juan-a-thon, aka. MY IDOL! hahaha.

THIS IS MY IDOL! j.almero

today, i learned where clapping originated from—INCREDIBLE i tell ya. this guy is an almanac; nothing is a mystery to him. if you’d like to increase your knowledge of how things work, go read his blog at juan.916xl.com.

so with a flashback at cat’s “supplies” bday dinner last night, i learned that friendster.com is really evil. but damn it, just like AIM… i knew it was evil to begin with, and still signed up for the damn service to waste hours and hours online—yup, very productive. i guess friendster is just like AIM but with bigger pictures, and a bigger capacity of a buddy list. the only thing that might be good with it is that people might actually get away with being on it for hours and hours during work—where most companies block chat programs like AIM.

evil tool ^^

baaaah, another thing to waste time on—friendster.com. anyways, today was reggaefest. i didn’t get there till late cause i dropped off G’s bags and stuff at macarthur. it was different once i got to the pub. everyone was just in their own clicks—waaaaay different than the past years. i mean for instance, after getting free drinks at the UCI student terrace/lawn area…everyone headed up on to the pub to get some more drinks, and watch the lakers. people were not divided but more clumped up with different groups—and everyone was united, chanting… ED! ED! ED! aaah the good ole’ days of reggaefest—REGGAE MUSIC, THE LAKERS, AND EVERYONE CHANTING ED! ED! ED!

but i guess since the lakers lost early, there is no unity amongst these youngin’s. anyways, i only spent a good hour just to say watup to peeps new and old. i then met up w/ MY IDOL!, ai, lil jay, chris l. and joemama at the irvine marketplace. they made me their bitch, and drove em to buca where we ate dinner. good times, good times…and oh yeah, LOTS of rum in that tiramisu.

which brings me to the present… THE NOW, where everyone should be living at. one thing everyone should take whole-heartedly and not take forgotten are your friends. no matter how stupid you act when you’re together, it makes everyone laugh. and laughter is such an important thing today, without it… we won’t know people like Bob Hope (happy 100th B! big ups), or the almero-es, or the such-is-the-life-of-joe (which soon will be called, such-is-the-hair-of-joe).

from my mind to yours, we go together like a wink and a smile…pizout and dont’ take life too seriously!