right here biotch?! (aka. duck!!!)

as promised, for joedelos, here’s the exclusive and 411 on the haps of my current life.

well…i’m still temping with an assignment from appleone. it is going great. learning a lot of stuff in and out of the corporate environment. i learned that working for a good family-environment-like business place… i tend to get a lot of work done. to make it simple, happy employees = employees who are happy to work and get the job done.

in terms of post-school stuff, i finally received a notification about my diploma. now, i just need some free time to pick it up from admin, get it framed, and bring it to LA. i’m pretty sure, the “golden girls” (my mom, aunt, and grandma) would be happy seeing that. i guess the diploma is just something i can give them for now. some proof that all their hard work in pumping money into my school was all worth it. however, that diploma frame might be a little too pricey for my blood.

it’s like, i get my paycheck, then it right away goes to paying bills and stuff—i get left with prolly a fifty or something…sucks! why can’t i just win a million from the lottery?!?! that would be good enough to pay my debt as well as prolly my fam’s—a clean slate would do it! but yah… that’s wishful thinking…

wishful thinking just like being nonChallant on the nC tip… (inside thing) =p.

on the sports side, joedelos and i were suppose to be putting some “blueballs” action into sportsfest at pomona this year. but as usual, there wasn’t enough girls who can play—that was a bummer. i told him to just dress up jevon—he has the look haha; just look at the PCN pics with him wearing make-up… he just looks like those kabuki artists haha =p <—look jevon, smillie anyways, i saw Formula 51 sometime last week. i would have to say that that movie is great flick. it’s a mix between the “big hit”, “pulp fictions”, and “lock, stock and two smoking barrels”. it was just plain hilarious—another samuel l. jackson goodie.

anyways, i have to do a lot of stuff today. i gotta get my first oil change for the accord…and hopefully get a carwash. it has been a month since i washed it. i remember this, because it was superbowl sunday—the day that the raiders didn’t even show up (sorry jevon). but yah, ever since that sunday, it was prolly been raining at random times the following weeks. so yah, i hope to get a lot of stuff done, including putting stuff away in the new apt.

i swear, once IAC moved us to a new apt. because of the mold on the old one… i just don’t know where everything is. for example, i found the towel that i have used the day of the move in a plastic bag with my shoes and new towels—good job freakin’ movers. another thing was, when they said a “new apt.”, we thought that everything was working. geez… the day we moved in, the following things were in need of service:

  • the track light was dangling from the ceiling
  • the bathroom sink was leaking
  • some blinds were broken
  • the garbage disposal broke, and it backwashed/spitted up all of the stuff in it…filling the kitchen sink and stinking up the apt.
  • the water pressure in G’s and I’s shower ain’t that good, as well as the heater not working so damn hot—making our showers long and agonizingly cold as hell in the mornings
  • and oh yeah, the neighbor upstairs with supersonic hearing!!! omg, she could prolly hear us take a dump or something—i swear.

but yah life just tends to bring some of the randomest stuff when you least expect it. however, i have been (so far) okay in overcoming ’em. i just wish, and hope, i get a steady job/career that pertains to my discipline in computer engineering—i just don’t want it to be a waste. anyways, i prolly wrote a bunch already, and i still have to do run some errands.

from my mind to yours, keep it real!