MLK weekend

oh wow just been busy for the past two weeks doing the same first temp assignment given by appleone—props to them for looking out and putting some dough in my pocket. if you had read from my previous blog entries, i did finally go up the mountain for the first time ever since my concussion back in february 7, 2001, 11:30ish am. “why can i remember the date?”… you might ask yourself. the funny thing is that i don’t really remember anything for the five to fifteen minutes i’ve been blacked-out for, all i can remember is taking the jump of the second hit and dreaming of “nC”. well not really of “nC” but it sure had some foine girls in them. i suddenly woke up right after i saw biggy’s and my other sigep bro’s, larretto, heads on top of women’s bodies. i felt the ski patrol dragging me down the mountain on those sleds; might i add, they are freaking comfortable—you should just try and ask if you can ride on them…either that, or have an accident like i did.

well enough of the foreword, and on with the juisaaaeee stuff; or whatever it might be. if you don’t know already, every MLK weekend ever since 2000, i have been to tahoe… either north or south side, with kaba or sigep. that’s where i learned to board, and enjoy the company of friends in such a cold ass place. and if you ask me where and when is a good time to learn how to snowboard, i would have to say—TAHOE during MLK weekend with a bunch of homies! so yah, i tried planning something for this coming MLK weekend…but it didn’t go as planned. i talked to big’s about his parent’s cabin, and he agreed we can chill for free as long as we clean it, and praise big’s for the weekend. anyways, bottom line is—people “didn’t have money.” but the one thing i don’t get is—they are all going to las vegas?! haha.

“i have no money… but i’m going to vegas.” LOL. what the hell? last time i checked, going to vegas for a day (to gamble, club, and eat buffets) cost pretty much the same as two days of boarding. only difference is, you don’t have snow in vegas, and might end up losing lots if you get bit by the gambling bug—which pretty much happens to everyone. well maybe not me (i think)… i freaking bought a bowling ball when i went once with my family—what was i thinking?! but yah, i ended up spending only the cost of the ball…i didn’t really felt like gambling i guess.

but yah!!! if i get a group of four, i’ll prolly hit up mammoth i guess for the first time. if not, i’ll prolly just go up myself and be the lone rider—not like no one cares about me doing what i love to do during the winter season anyways *sniff sniff boo-freakin-hoo* right? =\

so, whatever you do this MLK weekend, be safe and “wear a helmet?!” =p and if you are going to vegas, be prepared to spend more than you think, and might as well—”wear a helmet.”

from my mind to yours, i miss you JPH—i know you’d be down to go TAHOE with me. just keep a look out for all of us, and keep as all out of harm’s way. peace.