My Tongue… Ouchies

As you know, I have been working with this transportation company answering phone calls and scheduling people for interviews for a PT position with them all over southern Cali. Meanwhile, all of these holiday gatherings (i.e. Christmas dinners, gift exchanges, etc.) have been occurring during the recent weeks. And food, DAAAAMN OOOH FOOD! is just coming on every direction; better yet—IT’S FREE FOOD!

Anyways, I guess with all the food festivities, my mouth has kinda been doing some rigorous exercises chomping on food, and talking on the phone during work. I think it was on saturday late night, that I accidentally bit my tongue. THAT FREAKIN’ HURTS! I was bleeding a bit—pretty nasty stuff. ((Not really, but yah… more like a baby scratch))

Well, it got kinda worst today when I woke up and went to work. It was stinging every time my tongue’s right-side would touch a part of my mouth’s inner-walls. I think that side of my tongue is bruised or something, I don’t know—it just freakin’ is, and it stings like every time I’d pronunciate something to a person on the other side of the call. I was thinking of things to make it get better, so I decide to go to baskin robin’s after lunch today. Had two scoops of ice cream: rocky road, and gold medal marble. Yum yum.

I should have known better, eating pasta and too much of baskin robin’s ain’t too good for the first meal of the day. So I friggin’ dropped some kids off at the pool twice within the span of an hour and a half during work. What a relief I tell you. If you are ever in a situation where you are to modest to go shit in a public bathroom (i.e. at work), then you are just kidding yourself. It’s just like saying that girl’s don’t ever masturbate. Well yah, that might sound a little tangent but I’m just trying to prove a point that it ain’t blasphemy.

I don’t really know where this is going thus far but it’s just going. Anyways, I get home after work today at 5:30pm. Decided to take an “hour nap”. Made the smart choice of not turning the alarm on, and woke up at 8:50pm—daaaaamit. So yah, I’m here sitting at home, exercised, grubbed, AIMed, watched tv/movies—I would say it’s been a productive day even though I had an “hour nap” and my tongue just bugs the hell out of me.

From my mind to yours, Happy New Year’s Eve… “be excellent to one another” and I’ll catch y’alls on the up-side next year!