My Tongue… Ouchies

As you know, I have been work­ing with this trans­porta­tion com­pa­ny answer­ing phone calls and sched­ul­ing peo­ple for inter­views for a PT posi­tion with them all over south­ern Cali. Mean­while, all of these hol­i­day gath­er­ings (i.e. Christ­mas din­ners, gift exchanges, etc.) have been occur­ring dur­ing the recent weeks. And food, DAAAAMN OOOH FOOD! is just com­ing on every direc­tion; bet­ter yet—IT’S FREE FOOD!

Any­ways, I guess with all the food fes­tiv­i­ties, my mouth has kin­da been doing some rig­or­ous exer­cis­es chomp­ing on food, and talk­ing on the phone dur­ing work. I think it was on sat­ur­day late night, that I acci­den­tal­ly bit my tongue. THAT FREAKINHURTS! I was bleed­ing a bit—pretty nasty stuff.1

Well, it got kin­da worst today when I woke up and went to work. It was sting­ing every time my tongue’s right-side would touch a part of my mouth’s inner-walls. I think that side of my tongue is bruised or some­thing, I don’t know—it just freakin’ is, and it stings like every time I’d pro­nun­ci­ate some­thing to a per­son on the oth­er side of the call. I was think­ing of things to make it get bet­ter, so I decide to go to baskin robin’s after lunch today. Had two scoops of ice cream: rocky road, and gold medal mar­ble. Yum yum.

I should have known bet­ter, eat­ing pas­ta and too much of baskin robin’s ain’t too good for the first meal of the day. So I frig­gin’ dropped some kids off at the pool twice with­in the span of an hour and a half dur­ing work. What a relief I tell you. If you are ever in a sit­u­a­tion where you are to mod­est to go shit in a pub­lic bath­room (i.e. at work), then you are just kid­ding your­self. It’s just like say­ing that girl’s don’t ever mas­tur­bate. Well yah, that might sound a lit­tle tan­gent but I’m just try­ing to prove a point that it ain’t blas­phe­my.

I don’t real­ly know where this is going thus far but it’s just going. Any­ways, I get home after work today at 5:30pm. Decid­ed to take an “hour nap”. Made the smart choice of not turn­ing the alarm on, and woke up at 8:50pm—daaaaamit. So yah, I’m here sit­ting at home, exer­cised, grubbed, AIMed, watched tv/movies—I would say it’s been a pro­duc­tive day even though I had an “hour nap” and my tongue just bugs the hell out of me.

From my mind to yours, Hap­py New Year’s Eve… “be excel­lent to one anoth­er” and I’ll catch y’alls on the up-side next year!

  1. Not real­ly, but yah… more like a baby scratch []

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