Life on the Line

Wow! I never thought calling people and answering phones could make time go by fast. I started a new temporary job assignment this week with a company as a phone operator. Basically, I would answer the calls and fill-in people for interview appointments. Fun stuff!

Anyways, the company is located about two exits down the 5 freeway from our pad here in Tustin; so the commute doesn’t really take that long to get there. However, with the travel being on the ever-so changing 5 freeway, it is an adventure to drive to work everyday; you never can really say that there wouldn’t be any type of traffic.

One day, it would be a fast 5-7 minute commute. The next day, it could go up 10-17 minutes when there is an accident on the right side of the road—and every-freakin’-one just stops/slows down their drive to take a peak on what the commotion is all about. Freakin’ idiots if you would agree; I mean, that is why accidents happen… people don’t pay attention to what is in front of them.

They should make some kind of mask that makes drivers only view the road, and hinder their vision to “accidents”. Something along the lines of what horses wear, but this one just masks “accidents”, so it prevents rubber-necking and all of that traffic/post-accident related terminology-stuff.

Anyways, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers just came out today. The roomies and I went out last night for a roomie-xmas-dinner thingy at cheesecake factory at the Irvine Spectrum. As came out of the parking lot, we passed by the theaters and saw a crowd of hobbits. Well, yah… weirdos =p Anyways, it’s amazing how people like to see the first showing of trilogies. For example, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and now—Lord of the Rings. I give them props to standing when it was freezing as hell.

Meanwhile, I’m just sitting here at the apt. and waiting for Joemama to get some possible tix from the Irvine Spectrum for a showing of the Two Towers. Hopefully, he gets lucky enough—so to Joemama, good luck and thanks for going to the spectrum right after work.

From my mind to yours, don’t honk your horn at people who had the right of way in the freeway…when you are merging to THEIR lane—I hate those people…freakin’ mini-van noobie.