Life on the Line

Wow! I nev­er thought call­ing peo­ple and answer­ing phones could make time go by fast. I start­ed a new tem­po­rary job assign­ment this week with a com­pa­ny as a phone oper­a­tor. Basi­cal­ly, I would answer the calls and fill-in peo­ple for inter­view appoint­ments. Fun stuff!

Any­ways, the com­pa­ny is locat­ed about two exits down the 5 free­way from our pad here in Tustin; so the com­mute does­n’t real­ly take that long to get there. How­ev­er, with the trav­el being on the ever-so chang­ing 5 free­way, it is an adven­ture to dri­ve to work every­day; you nev­er can real­ly say that there would­n’t be any type of traf­fic.

One day, it would be a fast 5–7 minute com­mute. The next day, it could go up 10–17 min­utes when there is an acci­dent on the right side of the road—and every-freakin’-one just stops/slows down their dri­ve to take a peak on what the com­mo­tion is all about. Freakin’ idiots if you would agree; I mean, that is why acci­dents hap­pen… peo­ple don’t pay atten­tion to what is in front of them.

They should make some kind of mask that makes dri­vers only view the road, and hin­der their vision to “acci­dents”. Some­thing along the lines of what hors­es wear, but this one just masks “acci­dents”, so it pre­vents rub­ber-neck­ing and all of that traf­fic/­post-acci­dent relat­ed ter­mi­nol­o­gy-stuff.

Any­ways, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Tow­ers just came out today. The roomies and I went out last night for a roomie-xmas-din­ner thingy at cheese­cake fac­to­ry at the Irvine Spec­trum. As came out of the park­ing lot, we passed by the the­aters and saw a crowd of hob­bits. Well, yah… weirdos =p Any­ways, it’s amaz­ing how peo­ple like to see the first show­ing of trilo­gies. For exam­ple, Star Wars, Indi­ana Jones, Har­ry Pot­ter, and now—Lord of the Rings. I give them props to stand­ing when it was freez­ing as hell.

Mean­while, I’m just sit­ting here at the apt. and wait­ing for Joe­ma­ma to get some pos­si­ble tix from the Irvine Spec­trum for a show­ing of the Two Tow­ers. Hope­ful­ly, he gets lucky enough—so to Joe­ma­ma, good luck and thanks for going to the spec­trum right after work.

From my mind to yours, don’t honk your horn at peo­ple who had the right of way in the freeway…when you are merg­ing to THEIR lane—I hate those people…freakin’ mini-van noo­bie.


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  1. sherwin

    the Lord of the Rings: the Two Tow­ers” on IMAX (for $10) is freakin’ awesome–go and watch it with your whole fam­i­ly and friends…it is way worth it. just make sure to site near the back because that screen is real­ly big. because dur­ing the close-up, action scenes you might get dizzy…so yah, try sit­ting back up the top.