TGIF in december

ahhhh…i had work for all five days this week?! boooy­ah! yah, it sounds lame, some­one who is exd to work you might ask? actu­al­ly, your right. i am exd. the bot­tom line is: mon­ey is mon­ey. what i earned this past week will go towards rent for next month. this will let me not to have to ask my mom for mula since she paid enough already for the past months (i.e. class, util­i­ty, and rent).

it’s a great expe­ri­ence to work in a tem­po­rary staffing agency (for now, that is). you always get to meet dif­fer­ent peo­ple. a par­tic­u­lar job might last an hour (or more)…or go for long as a month (or more). you get to take in oth­er peo­ple expe­ri­ence and skills, and their sto­ry on how they chose to work for a par­tic­u­lar com­pa­ny. cool thang. peo­ple are nice (most of the times), and they treat you like a reg­u­lar col­league. for exam­ple, my first job was with a law firm (doing data entry of course), for lunch…they offered to treat me to some expen­sive ital­ian place. how­ev­er, i had to turn the offer down because i was sooo freak­ing tired from the night before and want­ed to go home and chill.

try­ing to go to bed ear­ly, and wak­ing up ear­ly in the morn­ing is a new cul­ture for me. man, i can kin­da relate to my roomies now (kin­da). for some rea­son, when i sleep more hours (4–5) going to work com­pared to going to class (2–4) i still get so freakin’ tired at work than in school—what gives?! i think it might be a psy­che thing. cause you are exd to get out from an hour, or 1.5 hour, class to see and kick it with friends at the courtyard/terrace/zotngo. so there’s that extra juice to keep you up. but at work, it’s just that you know you are going to be in there for a long time, and just can’t wait to go home and take a nap. so you are feel­ing sleepy already while think­ing about it. or is it just me?

any­ways, con­grat­u­la­tions to SigEp foot­ball for a fall 2002 sea­son. those were some excit­ing games this past week—but it was so freakin’ cold and ish. every­one was just twitch­ing from the night’s freezin’ grip. all were just wait­ing to see the mark­ers moved for yardage, or a first down, because that means they get to walk and do some­thing to heat them­selves up. but yah…great games—great sea­son.

from my mind to yours… your mon­ey and you don’t even know it!

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