thankful for

happy thanksgiving weekend. it was a dope week for muah—got to do some temp work for monday till wednesday at a company down at main & jamboree; cool peeps. yah, it’s not a lot of $$$ but “money is money” and rent is due in a couple of days. i wish i had done this earlier right after graduating from uci back in september—it’s a nice source of vegas money for those needing it =p

to those that are still in school, or know anyone that has a couple of classes to finish up in college, i highly recommend going through (for example) CTES = Campus Temporary Employment Services. it is kind of like appleOne but mainly focuses for work in UCI facilities (main campus, medical center, and other uci satellites around in CA). it is also a great place to be registered under because you get most of the benefits of being a regular uci employee.

meanwhile, thanksgiving day and my mom’s birthday fell on the same day—november 28th. she planned a trip to go to big bear lake thursday till saturday. it was pretty tight. the cabin was two bedrooms and two baths; but enough to fit about 20-30 people hehe. it was located right near bear mtn. resort, but since snow summit is within a mile—it’s close to both. i might plan something like a three day snowboard trip with a handful of friends and just chill at bear. hopefully, i can get enough money to do that and lake tahoe in january. i have a couple of prospective jobs apps which i’m following-up on this incoming week. but till i get (hopefully) an interview from anyone, i’ll be working still on the temp job doing data entry.

back to my mom’s thing at bear… it was pretty fun and lots of food. it was basically taking one of the association parties that they have every weekend at west covina, and just relocating it at a higher elevation with a smaller amount of people and some snow. fun stuff! in addition, my brother brought his turntable, mixer, and mpc—so we just had a jam session to let time pass by before, during, and after meals. since it was my mom’s birthday thing too—my brother glen thought of getting the adults piss drunk. he prolly bought about $50-worth of alcohol; and got the party started. it was cool seeing the oldies and some-select teenagers drunk haha… while they sing to two “Magic Mic(s)” trying to be karaoke king(s)/queen(s).

i left back down to go back to OC so i can check mail, answer some job postings, write cover letters, and send them; basically, to just be productive so i can have something soon. after returning from bear, and doing job hunt stuff, i went to Best Buy to get my digital camera maintained. the pictures that i was taking recently had small, white spots on them. i talked to two of the employers; one was from the service dept., and the other was from the digital cameras dept. the service dude basically just told me to replace my camera. so i went to the digital camera dept. and talked to a dude over there. he basically just said that it might be two things: 1) the lenses, or 2) the ccd chip inside. whatever it is, something was wrong with the camera. i was just going to get it’s lenses cleaned; but since i had the “4-year service plan” warranty, i just got it replaced… no questions asked. i love this camera and don’t think of anything that can replace it in it’s class. therefore, i just got the same model and make.

anyways, after Best Buy and saying watup to jevon doing the cashier at one of the most busiest shopping days of the year, i head onto john-john’s pad. from there, we just hanged-out at the cerritos mall. i was shopping to get some lens paper for future use, but since we were at the mall already and had nothin’ else to do… we walked around looking at shoes and stuff. the first stop was foot locker. within just five minutes of parking and entering the foot locker store, i had “clumsiness scenario”.

what happened was that we entered foot locker, and having an understanding that the men’s shoes are always to the left of mostly all foot locker’s…johnjohn started heading that way. after a quick observation of the store, i realized that the men’s shoes where to the right of the entrance. so i flagged down johnjohn… right after pointing my hand in the direction of the men’s side, i heard this reaction—it was on someone’s wetzel pretzel’s almond caramel order. it was sounded like a cup of rice just being thrown at someone. after just slapping myself silly inside of me, i apologized to the girl whose stuff i knocked over. i was anticipating a slap on my face, or a yell…but nothing—she knew that it was an accident. so i offered to buy her a new one next door. her name was joanelle, and she was on her lunch break from macy’s. i felt even badder because the line was busy at wetzel’s, that it prolly took her fifteen minutes to get the first order :\ but yah, that was that…i prolly apologized hella times to her; because of the fact that i wasted her time, the fact that she’s a cute latina =p, and of course…me being a sigep—it was a gentlemen thing to do haha.

maaaan, so much stuff to write but i am getting sleepy from doing so little on this friday. off to bed it is for i, as i am tired of typing this long entry.

from my mind to yours… lots of hotties at the mall =p HOLLA?!?! hehe