on the hunt

damn, after doing well in that ICS class during the summer. it was time to search for that career job…almost two months later—i’m still here, jobless and still pondering if i should just be a photographer for playboy. i have a digital camera and know how to use it, all i need are ladies willing to be my subject—any takers?

anyways, blah blah blah…it so damn hard to just get an interview. i probably sent/posted at most over 60 resumes to different companies; went to two different career fair. the first one was at the Pond, which was kinda wack—it was geared more towards the social science majors. the only company i found interesting was enterprise car rental. that is because biggy and kurtis have current jobs with them. the second one was the UCI technical career fair about two weeks ago. that one was geared towards UCI students who either have need for an internship, or have currently graduated and are looking for full time positions. i probably handed out 7-8 resumes and talked to 9-10 differnet companies. i even saw some sigep alumn bros who are successfull in their respective companies. two name a few, microsoft and deloitte consulting. it was pretty funny just to talk to them while everyone lined up to see if they can even get an interview. i went up to one up of them (deloitte consulting), and he was just tossing resumes with GPA’s less than 3.2—that was crazy!!!

so yah, most of the companies i talked too are either hiring only interns, or are on a hiring freeze till early next year. WTF?! anyways…later on that week, i went to do an skills assessment for UCI’s Campus Temporary Employment Services. the test consisted of a typing test, a MS Word test, and a MS Excel Test. i did pretty well on the typing test and the MS Word test. however, i taught i did “okay” on the Excel test—but to my surprise, when i met with the recruitment lady, she said i scored really high on all three…woohoo for me. but yah, they pretty much liked me because of my skills on the keys and MS. so that is my fall back plan if i don’t find anything soon by mid-november. i just need some mula to pay the rent and some bills, and just to get around like a bum for now. sucks to be me =\

i will be accepting donations through paypal to help me get around and find a job. just sign up for a paypal account—it’s free; and send some figures to “sherwin [at] 916xL.com”. you’re help is very well appreciated =P

from my mind to yours… wish me luck on winning the CA Loterry!!!