i hate it when plans don’t come through as expected. you think you will be doing something 99.9% of what you set your mind on… then comes that freakin’ small 0.1%—which just f0ks everything up. i don’t know what it was today, but tonight…there’s a party in pomona that some bros from cal mu were hosting. i wasn’t really thinking of going, at first, because i didn’t really know people from irvine who are going… and it’s in pomona. but then, it comes out that hella peeps are rollin’, so i made a last minute decision to just go; then low and behold, that 0.1% just crapped on me =\

anyways, as nike says, JUST DO IT. no more extensive planning from now on. keep it simple, and JUST…DO…IT!

from my mind to yours… peace and no-party-for-me-on-a-thursday-night-yaaay D:

ps. please please please… no empty promises or flakes.