Little F0kin’ OC Kids!!! bitch ass moda pakas… shit shit shit. so i went to go w/ my fam to eat at wolfgang puck’s this afternoon. after that, we went to walk around the mall. meanwhile, while we are leaving the mall, i was guiding my grandma to cross the street. so we were at this ped xing (directly across the valet tent at the macy’s area)… my aunt crosses, then this car stops. all of a sudden while my grandma and i took our first step down the way, all i hear is, “sooooo slow! sooooo slow!…”. i look to my right at that car and see 3 Little F0kin’ OC Kids—high schoolers going to hang out at the mall; and f0kin’ shit, i was irritated—not mad, irritated. so we got across, and that car full of LFOCK said something—and omfg!!! “i wish a nigga would…i wish a nigga would!!!”

i thought they left the parking lot but i saw the car coming back to park on the other side. so i called glen up and told him to come down to punk and kick some LFOCK ass—to teach them to RESPECT. so glen and i walked to where i saw them get off at…but after a couple of minutes of searching for their car for a lil alicia KEYS session, i think that LFOCK driver dropped them off and parked somewhere else—lucky LFOCK.

there goes my sunday… good and full of LFOCK anger. so if you have kids or know kids, please please please… teach them respect and not to be an LFOCK; or i’ll shove a size ten shoe up their nostrils.

from my mind to yours… peace and watch out for the LFOCK.