done ditty?!

ahhh yes! i am finally done with classes. i took my ics142 (the dreaded class) final yesterday. i didn’t really get to study a lot; i just started on tuesday morning and went over the previous quizzes and hw’s. i think i studied too much of the definitions that weren’t completely even in the test…so gj hard work. anyways, its time for me to find a job, but first, i gotta talk to el counselor(s) and just discuss last minute stuff about my major/bachelor’s degree.

on another note, there’s a party tonight that i’m going to because its free—woohoo! i ain’t really got much mula to spend out there, so might as well chill for free. i gotta save an amount of money so i can go up north next week for timi’s (farida’s lil sis) bday party up in a club in the city, SF. however, we don’t know yet because of the transportation situation.

anyways, i’m off to finding jobs/careers. this way, i’ll be bling-blingin’ and gettin’ paid so i can get a costco membership for myself =p the food is hella good during saturday if you just walk around… sample-to-sample haha.

from my mind to yours… peace and a B in one-of-the-hardest-ics-classes-in-uci