TGIF…home for the weekend

thank god its friday! so i was “suppose” to go home to LA yesterday, but a couple of friends had a bbq at their apt. which was near the lake where they have a cool fireworks show (i’ll post the pictures i took later on w/ in the following days). meanwhile, planning to leave early this morning… i woke up at 11am b/c of my stereo alarm, turn it off, and decided to take a 5-minute-nap. waking up at 2:30pm, i just figured out that i slept more than the alloted 5 minutes.

so, here i am writing this after i cleaned up part of my room and put some clothes away to take home-home. i hope you can notice the left side of the main page… yes i changed it, and re-learned how to do onMouseClick/Swap functions in dreamweaver—which is cool and easy. i’m soooo lazy in doing programming lately; however, i still resort to my programming skizills to tweak some stuff.

ok…i’ma pack up the rest of my ish and head home to LA. i hope everyone have a safe and wonderful weekend.

ps. for those peeps going to ai’s and tinz’…see you there. peace.

pps. additional note that i forgot to mention. so i helped setup jevon’s blog page, and trying to extend a freakin’ arm and leg to help him move his shit to but the bastard is being a grumpy-old-man. ha…PMS is on that boy 24/7…bitchass 🙂