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Printable Political Halloween Masks

In cel­e­bra­tion of Hal­loween, You the Designer and UPrinting.com have cre­ated 4 polit­i­cal masks just in time for Fri­day night fun! These fun polit­i­cal mask designs can be eas­ily printed and cut out so you can sup­port or make fun of your favorite polit­i­cal star!

Here’s a preview:

Click on the candidate’s name below to down­load the PDF version:


Source via You the Designer.

Obama’s Loss Traced — Viral Video

Sin­gle Non­voter Tipped Elec­tion To McCain-Palin Ticket”

Freakin’ hilar­i­ous. Hats off to MoveOn.org for spon­sor­ing this viral. I think its well done and does what it needs to do—it makes you laugh, think and hope­fully GO VOTE!

You may cus­tomize the video for your­self and your friends by vis­it­ing cnnbcvideo.com.

Sarah Silverman and The Great Schlep

Sarah Sil­ver­man wants Jews to get their butts down to Florida for The Great Schlep.

She’s hilar­i­ous. The video is pretty much pro-Obama, but worth the watch whether you are for him or McCain. The cam­paign was paid for by the Jew­ish Coun­cil for Edu­ca­tion and Research, www.jcer.info. Awe­some right? =)

The whole bit was dang funny, but here are some that stood out for me:

  • Sarah … (awk­ward pause) … Silverman”
  • All their friends are dying” (oh snap lol)
  • He’s circum-super-sized” (haha)

You’ll know what I mean after watch­ing it.

intran­si­tive verb. to pro­ceed or move espe­cially slowly, tediously, awk­wardly, or carelessly
  1. An ardu­ous journey.
  2. A clumsy or stu­pid person.