Flynn Adam and Pigeon John are Rootbeer. ((Yes—Flynn Adam and Pigeon John are both from the L.A. Symphony crew =) ))


The simple shortcut to that Rootbeer descriptive word puzzle could be something like “MGMT injected with some N.E.R.D and A Tribe Called Quest”. As clearly evident in their lyrics and style, Flynn Adam and Pigeon John are unapologetic purveyors of popular culture. Rather than making an escape attempt on this debut to something that was some subtle artistic departure from the Lost Angels-flavored West Coast underground laid back rap that raised them, the duo has grown more apt to fully open their arms and embrace a vast array of what is relative to their own contemporary culture consumption today.

With an even more upped-tempo vocal cadence dancing on top of beatscapes that awaken even the hippest of skeptics, the music will make you jump up like a chimpanzee. An unbelievably charismatic live show, mixed with the most infectious hooks you’ve wrapped your ears around in quite some time, Rootbeer slaps a smile on your face that you simply can’t contain. Like some of the lyrics remind you: “It feels so good, feels so great, feels so wonderful,” so tune in and dig it!

Here is their music video for the title track Pink Limousine.

Anyways, free downloads below: ((Source via Rootbeer blog post on Tuesday, July 7, 2009.))

Some Rootbeer Interviews below:

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Last but not least, check out Rootbeer’s MySpace page to listen to more of their music, as well as get show/tour dates.