About Ready for Basketball

Remember the times were you play H-O-R-S-E with friends in the backyard? What can be better than playing it with an actual NBA super star, and beating him at it. Thought a bit late in posting, here’s a video short documentary that I got to track down of NBA All-Star LeBron James getting schooled by contestant David Kalb at Venice Beach, California early last month (September).


Anyways, October is when most of the fun begins for those of us who are playing Fantasy Basketball and/or just fans of the game. It’s also a time to check out trades, injury reports, and highlights during the NBA Summer League in Vegas. Just like pre-season of most sports, it’s the time were hopes of your team winning the Championship is at its peak and outmost glory. Simply because everyone has a clean record, 0-0.

But for me, personally, GO LAKERS!