Memos from September 2008

Apple Shines The New iPod Touch

Not to be out­done by the new col­or­ful and sur­pris­ing­ly thin iPod Nanos, the sec­ond gen­er­a­tion iPod Touch made its debut as well in Apple’s Sep­tem­ber 2008 Spe­cial Event enti­tled “Let’s Rock”.

So what’s so dif­fer­ent, a new body. The new iPod Touch looks like it came from Quick­sil­ver’s board. It def­i­nite­ly got some ideas for the iPhone 3G’s con­tour, but its shiny and made from pol­ished stain­less steel. I won’t be sur­prised if we see Apple comes out with this cha­sis on the iPhone 3G in the Win­ter (pend­ing the sale of the new iPod Touch of course).

Oth­er new fea­tures are:

Not­ing the built-in wire­less sup­port for Nike+, this sucks if Apple can’t just push a firmware update for iPhone 3G own­ers. I won’t nec­es­sar­i­ly be run­ning with an iPhone as its freak­ing just too much to wor­ry about and a dis­trac­tion, but it just makes sense and a good­ie for all Apple fans alike.

In terms of price-point, if com­par­ing with the pre­vi­ous one, the new iPod Touch starts at $229 (8GB mod­el) and is def­i­nite­ly worth the upgrade if you are look­ing to have the fea­ture-set of the iPhone 3G w/o the phone. Now, if being com­pared against the iPhone 3G and bas­ing on the fact that you are also look­ing for a phone, I don’t think its a good buy. Oth­er than the sub­scrip­tion fee to a mobile car­ri­er, the only fea­ture that the new iPod Touch has over the iPhone 3G would prob­a­bly be its built-in wire­less inte­gra­tion with Nike+ (for now). With that said, if in the sit­u­a­tion I just stat­ed, I would still get an 8GB iPhone 3G over this new iPod Touch.

Apple Introduces New iPod Nanos

Apple Intro­duces New iPod Nanos, orig­i­nal­ly uploaded by stechico.

Apple intro­duced its new fourth gen­er­a­tion of iPod Nanos today in 9 fla­vor­ful col­ors. Here are the fea­tures that set it apart vs. its pre­de­ces­sors1:

  • Col­ors of course! Sil­ver, pur­ple, blue, green, orange, yel­low, pink, (PRODUCT) RED and black.
  • Built-in audio record­ing fea­tures.
  • Genius tech­nol­o­gy” which auto­mat­i­cal­ly cre­ates playlists from songs in your music library that go great togeth­er, with just one click.
  • UI/UX improve­ments with the help of the accelerom­e­ter. This allows it to behave like the iPhone/iPod Touch between switch­ing from Por­trait to Land­scape modes.
  • Improved 24 hours of music play­back or four hours of video play­back.

I just won­der if its still nec­es­sary to buy the Nike+ piece since this new Nano now have an accelerom­e­ter built-in. If any, they should mod­i­fy the Nike+ piece to work with an iPod 1GB+ Shuf­fle; which will be tempt­ing for me to buy and use when run­ning. Bet­ter yet, just a stand­alone Nike+ piece that can sync on its own to the Nike+ site.

  1. Para­phrased from Apple Insid­er arti­cle. []

The Agony of a First Pick Going Down

AP Photo/Winslow Townson
Tom Brady Out for the 2008 Sea­son due to sea­son-end­ing knee injury.

There’s noth­ing hard­er and more ago­niz­ing than see­ing your first pick go down, get injured and be ruled out for the sea­son in Fan­ta­sy Foot­ball. It sucks. After pick­ing Tom Brady as my first pick, 11th in the Draft Order out of 12 peo­ple, and get­ting Randy Moss in the wrap around and my sec­ond pick, I thought I got the best I can per round at the time. But alas, that’s Fan­ta­sy Foot­ball for you, noth­ing is cer­tain and it can either be reward­ing or painful depend­ing on which side you are on.

So what’s next, well I will prob­a­bly try to pick­up Cas­sel like every­one and their mom­mas are doing. I have a bad waiv­er pri­or­i­ty (10 out of 12) so I need to have a plan‑B and plan‑C just in case I don’t get that piece of the puz­zle. Oth­er than the Raider’s O‑line suck­ing vs. Den­ver’s Defense last night, JaMar­cus Rus­sell did a fair­ly good job for his first start of the sea­son. How­ev­er, it isn’t enough to ex me as hav­ing him as my start­ing QB.

Although, it is still ear­ly in the sea­son, and I have hopes for my Fan­ta­sy Foot­ball team to still make it to play­offs. I have played with a team that was on the very bot­tom out of 12 teams, and still man­aged to place and get dough at the end. This one just sucks as its caus­ing me at least 20pts. per week—Brady’s aver­age pro­ject­ed Fan­ta­sy points.

Oh well, c’est la vie.

PS. I found out that Cas­sel went to Chatsworth HS, and played for the Chan­cel­lors. I guess its a sign mwa­ha­ha…

Nice Kicks on 2008-09-05

These caught my eye ear­li­er in the week, and fig­ured I should post them just in case any­one else is look­ing for some­thing like ’em.1

Vans Leather Slip On
Vans are so amaz­ing­ly ver­sa­tile. Sure, they’ve been the stan­dard skate shoes for eons now, but they can also dress up with­out break­ing a sweat. The per­fect exam­ple of that is this mod­el, in soft leather with tonal gor­ing on the sides, con­trast stitch­ing and logo tag, with a hearty neu­tral sole that exudes not only easy com­fort but casu­al style that can hit the opera and skate on home with­out los­ing fash­ion points or street cred. Import­ed. Spot clean.
* Runs nar­row, con­sid­er siz­ing up by a 1/2 size
* Leather, rub­ber, EVA

Puma El Rey Pearl — Black
Named after the famed art deco the­ater in Los Ange­les, the El Ray from Puma is sleek and slick, a slip-on with style to spare. Pearl­ized leather uppers with per­fo­rat­ed toe-box; wide leather strap with elas­tic gor­ing; con­trast lin­ing; striped mid­sole; gum rub­ber sole. Import­ed. Spot clean.
* Fits true to size
* Leather, rub­ber

Puma El Rey Tex­tured — Olive
Named after the famed art deco the­ater in Los Ange­les, the El Ray from Puma is sleek and slick, a slip-on with style to spare. Tex­tured can­vas uppers; wide coat­ed strap with elas­tic gor­ing; con­trast lin­ing; striped mid­sole; gum rub­ber sole. Import­ed. Spot clean.
* Fits true to size
* Can­vas, nylon, rub­ber

Pen­guin Brown Perf Slip On — Brown
Clean slip-on sneak­ers from Pen­guin, with brown can­vas and per­fo­rat­ed leather uppers. Elas­tic gor­ing at the sides, with leather sta­bil­i­ty strap; striped mid­sole with logo detail­ing; tex­tured rub­ber sole; logo patch at the heel. Import­ed. Spot clean.
* Fits true to size
* Leather, can­vas, rub­ber

Pen­guin Ernie Chuk­ka — Tan
Pre­mi­um Chuk­ka boot from Pen­guin, with rich pieced suede uppers and stitched moc-toe detail­ing. Striped mid­sole with logo detail­ing; tonal laces; tex­tured rub­ber sole; embossed logos at the tongue and side. Import­ed. Spot clean.
* Fits true to size
* Suede, rub­ber

Nike Court Force High AM95 — Grey
Hot Court Force high top from Nike, inspired by the clas­sic Air Max 95. Nylon and leather uppers with grey fade; con­trast neon laces and swoosh; black mid­sole; tex­tured rub­ber sole. Import­ed. Spot clean.
* Fits true to size
* Leather, nylon, rub­ber, EVA
  1. This set is from Urban Out­fit­ters. Descrip­tion per shoe are pret­ty much from them. I got tired as it was hot today in the City. []