Memos from May 2008

Spread Firefox — Download Day 2008

Sounds like a good deal, right? All you have to do is get Fire­fox 3 dur­ing Down­load Day to help set the record for most soft­ware down­loads in 24 hours — it’s that easy. We’re not ask­ing you to swal­low a sword or to bal­ance 30 spoons on your face, although that would be kind of awe­some.

By the way, the offi­cial date for the launch of Fire­fox 3 will be post­ed here soon — so check back! Join our com­mu­ni­ty and this effort by pledg­ing today.

The Signalnoise Graveyard (ZIP)

The Sig­nal­noise Grave­yard (ZIP) by James White.

I stum­bled upon Sig­nal­noise / Jason White’s art via my feeds today. Such an inspi­ra­tion, not to men­tion good read. He’s been run­ning his Design blog for about 9+ years now. He released a ZIP file of his web­site designs “span­ning the past 9 years.” Have a down­load and look for inspi­ra­tion.

Down­load the Sig­nal­noise Grave­yard ZIP file (3.94 mb)

I mir­rored the file to my just in case the orig­i­nal goes down. Click here to grab it from my space.

Threadless Now Doing Print

You can now get your favorite shirt designs on print from Thread­less. They are start­ing w/ a lim­it­ed run of 250 per design; cost­ing at about $35 at the moment (size 18“x24”). I just emailed them won­der­ing if they’ll be hook­ing that up w/ a fram­ing ser­vice as well—I think they are per­son­al­ly if the cost ain’t too much. It just makes sense.

It seems Thread­less has moved their “Print” sec­tion over to the reigns of Society6, and blik.