Month: April 2007

  • @Media 2007 – Time to Learn More!

    I was fortunate enough to be sponsored by Worldwide to attend @media 2007 up here in SF. @media: For forward-thinking web design and development professionals, @media, one of the world’s foremost and well received web design conferences, comes to the West Coast for the first time this May 24th and 25th. The unique presentations…

  • Look Ma, “Mobile” Web

    Well, I couldn’t believe it till I experienced it first hand. I’m blogging on the AC Transit bus w/ WiFi. Here’s the result of the connection (from… So, if you happen to be riding on these lines, try taking the buses that looks similar to the charter ones.

  • Star Wars Gone Postal

    Check it out! I’m pretty sure Jevon would be jumping for joy with this one. USPS and Star Wars galaxy is set to release a stamp on May 25th. You may vote on which design to be the one and only Star Wars stamp over here.

  • Mac OSX Read and Write to NTFS Drive

    Just in case you guys are trying to use one external drive for both Windows and Mac environments (as in my situation), here’s something that will save you all the grief and hours of sitting in front of your Macs Download the latest MacFUSE Core DMG file and restart Download the latest NTFS-3g + MacFUSE…

  • Virginia Tech Black Monday Shooting

    Prayers, hope, and a moment of silence to those who are at Virginia Tech. The attacks mark the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history.