Memos from June 2006

La Copa Mundial

Any­one been keep­ing up with World Cup action late­ly? Holy crap! If you haven’t, make sure to check out a game or two. I’m not real­ly a big soc­cer fan, but when it comes to the World Cup… it’s like going to Alber­to’s and get­ting Carne Asa­da Fries.

I don’t know the cor­re­la­tion between the two, but it sounds great. Any­ways, here’s some­thing my co-work­er point­ed to in hon­or of the World Cup.

YouTube Preview Image

Guess Who’s Back?

Just got back from SoCal this morn­ing. I flew South­west since they have a good rewards pro­gram. That, and I can fly to either Bur­bank and/or LAX air­ports near home-home.

Any­ways, its been a long time since New Year’s that I’ve seen home-home. The weath­er was great. It was around the cool 70’s the whole week­end. Although, it was driz­zling a lit­tle bit Fri­day morn­ing but the clouds scat­tered and made room for some great sun­shine.

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