Measure Map — Alpha Test, Invite Received

What a nice way start a Wednes­day, aka. “Hump Day”. Oth­er than the FREE Wednes­day lunch meals we get here at MA, I final­ly received an invite to give Mea­sure Map a test-dri­ve ear­ly this morn­ing. Thank you MM/AP-fam­i­ly!

I know its kind of ear­ly to spec­u­late on which are bugs or what have you, but the first two gripes I have would prob­a­bly be: how long URLs are treat­ed, and the extra table-rows under “What’s Hap­pen­ing on your Blog” sec­tion on the mem­ber’s Overview page. Oth­er than that, I com­mend MM/AP for some­thing that ranks as a should-be-great-app for every­one! This should shake things up a bit—especially in the Blo­gos­phere.

I won­der if this is due to my recent­ly post­ed entry on Google Ana­lyt­ics? =) Either way, it should be nice to com­pare these two ana­lyt­i­cal tools. At least the com­pa­ra­ble fea­tures in each appli­ca­tion. I’ll give some updates if I find inter­est­ing stuff between the two.


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