Measure Map – Alpha Test, Invite Received

What a nice way start a Wednesday, aka. “Hump Day”. Other than the FREE Wednesday lunch meals we get here at MA, I finally received an invite to give Measure Map a test-drive early this morning. Thank you MM/AP-family!

I know its kind of early to speculate on which are bugs or what have you, but the first two gripes I have would probably be: how long URLs are treated, and the extra table-rows under “What’s Happening on your Blog” section on the member’s Overview page. Other than that, I commend MM/AP for something that ranks as a should-be-great-app for everyone! This should shake things up a bit—especially in the Blogosphere.

I wonder if this is due to my recently posted entry on Google Analytics? =) Either way, it should be nice to compare these two analytical tools. At least the comparable features in each application. I’ll give some updates if I find interesting stuff between the two.