Firefox Extensions Makes My Mouth Water

Firefox Extensions Makes My Mouth Water

Just hap­pen to stum­ble upon what I think would be a poten­tial­ly great exten­sion (amongst oth­ers) for Web Designers/Developers—IETab. Its slick that you can open/view a web­page in IE but embed­ded in a Fire­fox tab. That, and you can run “Win­dows update from Fire­fox!”

Oth­er exten­sions that are on top of my list and use cur­rent­ly would be:

Hope those help. Hap­py extend­ing!

PS. Any oth­er great exten­sions? Let me know… I’m always look­ing for some­thing that can make things eas­i­er, as well as inter­est­ing.

Addi­tion­al ones to look at…


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  1. CHOI

    You can try Scrap­Book for Fire­fox. Its a great exten­sion for orga­niz­ing your web­sites and mak­ing back­up of your favorite sites.