Memos from October 2005


I’ll be some­what on a hia­tus with blog entries till Novem­ber. Its not that long so don’t wor­ry (be hap­py). I need to take some­time off to try and fin­ish the fron­tend of this site, as well as start some oth­er projects cur­rent­ly in the back-burn­er.

Oh yah, just FYI… I’ll be down in SoCal for sure 11/23–11/28 and 12/23–1/2/06. “Excuse me… Could you pen­cil me in?” =)

iPod Video

iPod 5G Video

The iPod 5G (aka. Video) is sup­pose to drop in stores this week. What the heck was Apple think­ing by doing this? I mean come on, it has­n’t even been a year since the iPod Nanos dropped, and here its—the new 5G!

Besides that, I am won­der­ing whether upgrad­ing to a 30GB 5G is even worth it and a smarth move. The pros that I see with the 5G over my Pho­to would prob­a­bly be:

  • the video of course!
  • lighter and small­er form fac­tor
  • sleek­er design

And the cons would be:

  • the price dif­fer­ence I’ll need to cov­er when I upgrade
  • time it’ll take me to re-orga­nize and synch with the new iPod and my PC
  • the mon­ey I need to spend in terms of acces­sories for it (i.e. cov­er, fm trans­mit­ter, etc.)
  • acces­sories that used the top-con­nec­tor would be abso­lete with it

I guess one major fac­tor that needs to be addressed would be, “will I even enjoy watch­ing a movie for 1–3 hours on a 2.5‑inch, 320 x 240 pix­el dis­play?” Right now, I don’t think so. Just imag­ine hold­ing your iPod and hav­ing it in a com­fort­able posi­tion were your neck won’t be sore after watch­ing a movie. I just can not see any sce­nar­ios right now were this would be ben­e­fi­cial.

Besides, I just freak­ing went eBay crazy these past cou­ple of days. They were most­ly sport­ing good pur­chas­es con­sist­ing of the fol­low­ing:

  • Colum­bia 300 Ric­o­chet Rebound Bowl­ing Ball (14lbs. 3oz.)
  • Mizuno Crush 2 Base­ball Bat (34 inch­es, 27 ounces)
  • Knobcuffs (for my bats)

Not to men­tion, I’m look­ing into invest­ing into some seri­ous glass for my pho­tog­ra­phy addic­tion. Alas, tech­nol­o­gy… it gets bet­ter by the minute. I just hope peo­ple do as well.

Passion and Determination

What is your pas­sion? Do you even have it in you? Do you know what it means?

pas­sion: a pow­er­ful emo­tion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger.

Pas­sion, a pow­er­ful emo­tion. It can be pos­i­tive, as well as neg­a­tive. It’s a part of all of us. It dri­ves us to accom­plish things we think we nev­er would. It… dri­ves us.

Pas­sion, it has been a recur­ring enti­ty around me late­ly. It got me play­ing 8 hours of soft­ball dur­ing the week­end, only to end up w/ a jammed wrist. Noth­ing seri­ous, just a sprain (I think). It got me burn­ing the mid­night oil till 3am, to fin­ish things for work. Which is nev­er-end­ing btw, but always reward­ing and a great learn­ing expe­ri­ence day-in, day-out. Bot­tom-line, it makes us as well.

Pas­sion, we need to have it. We need it to get us through our 9‑to‑5. We need it to make our visions of grandeur come true. We… have it.

We have it in each breathe we take. We have it when we wake up in the morn­ing and sleep at night. We have it when we talk, and do our walk. We have it, but how can we make it vis­i­ble enough for us to see and feel?

Its deter­mi­na­tion. Deter­mi­na­tion to have pas­sion in order to achieve what we love to do. It’s the key which will unlock our dri­ve to do things; to do them the best we can. Whether it be being our own boss, to start­ing some­thing that has nev­er been done before but has been around for the tak­ing, deter­mi­na­tion is the high-octane fuel that will turn a beast like pas­sion make the impos­si­ble real­i­ty.

So whether it’s sur­viv­ing a week of work, or reach­ing for the stars, have pas­sion and deter­mi­na­tion. Be deter­mi­nate to fin­ish some­thing you have start­ed. Be pas­sion­ate in all the things that you do. As those great things make a per­son great. And if you can’t seem to find them, look at a mir­ror. They’re there all a long.