Hello World Revisited

OMG dude! Never thought I’d be back in school. Well, actually more like a class (for work of course). Taking it at UCB Extension in Downtown SF. Entire class consists of working pros in-or-out of the technology field. Besides the three hours of lecture and moving Thursday bowling-nights to Wednesdays, all is okay… so far.

Our sensei works for Siebel. Pretty intelligent cat who knows a lot in the technological side of things. He has like three (or more) degrees, or something like that. But yah, pretty interesting class structure. The class is pretty much just based on al the homeworks. So as long as its done, and done right, you get a good grade. You don’t even have to go to class, return your quizzes and/or do any kind of exams. Pretty sweet huh? I wish I had that kind of system back at UCI, man oh man.

I never thought of actually taking an extension class in the field of computers after graduating. I had a mindset that if I was gonna go back into the classroom, it’ll be in the field of design/arts. But all is good, I think this class will benefit me in the long run of being a “New Media Designer/Developer”. Because being someone that is a “hybrid” (someone able to do both programming and design) is an asset to companies. But not only that, it’s just what I like doing because:

  • I get to use my degree in Computer Engineering,
  • and get payed for doing a hobby, my love for design.

Tight huh? Yah, so it’s only and hour-thirty, another half to go before Jennvis picks me up to travel down to LA for the weekend. Meanwhile, I’m starving and kind of tired because I slept late again—freaking Flickr! I’m so getting addicted to its community. Not to mention, I am beginning to get more and more into photography techniques, per se. I guess it all started with my first ever digital camera, the Canon Powershot S200; which I bought after graduating in the summer of ’02. I just love taking spur-of-the-moments/candids, architecturals, low-lights and recently events/shows. Oh well, I guess “its all relative” to how the world has evolved with technology on its forefront.

From my mind to yours, be cool… stay in school.