legal guide for bloggers

first time i ever seen a foundation which is kinda like ACLU, but for us in the virtual world—the internet. for those that really are looking to enlighten themselves with a couple of facts about rights, civil-internet liberties, rules, courtesy, etc., you may read more through the EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers.

knowing such things might be unimportant to whatever we do in the absolute, but hey, its just nice to know that we have rights (and rules) in the internet. which brings me to another topic/something to think about, since when did “the internet” become corporate domain (vs. public domain, which i thought it was from its conception)?

again, another example which shows us the the world is getting smaller and smaller via technology. but hey, technology is a double-edged sword; it helps to keep things simple/efficient but also can complicate one of the most simplest of things, like writing.