Memos from January 2005

Interesting Quotes

I was just brows­ing the net, and found this one…

When man sac­ri­fices the Love of Pow­er for the Pow­er of Love there will be Peace on Earth.

Then… my epiphany for the month…

Did you know… O is the vow­el that sep­a­rates I and U.1 With 3 of ’em we can say IOU, and derive I(heart)U; then ILOVEUILOVEYOU.

Its weird how the two derives into being indebt with anoth­er per­son.

  1. Alpha­bet­i­cal order: A, E, I, O, U. []

proverb 101

some­times “soul search­ing” needs to be done. although, we seem to find peace of mind at the not-so-obvi­ous places… in good com­pa­ny.