so, i was going to best­buy to get some­thing repaired. i parked at the low­er park­ing struc­ture near­by. as i was walk­ing to go up on the stairs, i glanced on the ground and saw some­thing. it was a nord­strom receipt with sev­en­ty-five dol­lars… thats $75.00. hmmm, so… the con­tem­pla­tion is whether to return it, or just keep it… WHAT WOULD YOU DO?!?!


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  1. j0emama

    because it hap­pened to you, sherwin…you should return it. If it was any­one else, I’d say keep it…BLAH!

  2. sherwin

    that’s the sad thing… its already in an enve­lope ready to go to be mailed-back =(

    shit, i’m too right­eous… FCUK!

  3. Gee

    Yo, do what you feel is the right thing to do. It’s like when you have the angel on one shoul­der and the dev­il on the oth­er. Which one are you gonna flick off…?