Memos from February 2004

DMB Warehouse Announcement

Order­ing Peri­od Begins:
7:00 p.m., ET, Fri­day Feb­ru­ary 27, 2004
Order­ing Peri­od Ends:
12:00 p.m. (noon), ET, Mon­day March 8, 2004
Order con­fir­ma­tions will be post­ed on or before Wednes­day March 24, 2004

Thu, Aug 26 / Coors Amphithe­atre / Chu­la Vista, CA
Sat, Aug 28 / Home Depot Cen­ter / Car­son CA
Sun, Aug 29 / Home Depot Cen­ter / Car­son CA

The Ware­house will be offer­ing a pre­ferred view­ing area on the lawn at many of the 2004 Dave Matthews Band’s amphithe­ater shows. Based upon feed­back gath­ered from the Ware­house sur­veys, we have decid­ed to imple­ment this tick­et­ing improve­ment that Ware­house mem­bers have request­ed. A lim­it­ed num­ber of mem­bers to this area will be select­ed to gain access to the Ware­house Pre­ferred lawn area.

A spe­cial roped-off sec­tion, gen­er­al­ly locat­ed in a cen­tral area of the lawn will be restrict­ed to Ware­house mem­bers hold­ing spe­cial Ware­house lawn tick­ets, until inter­mis­sion. Ware­house Pre­ferred lawn tick­et hold­ers will be able to secure a nice van­tage point from which to watch the show and a greater oppor­tu­ni­ty to inter­act with oth­er Ware­house mem­bers.”

Get Kanye West — College Dropout

Yes yes… one of the best pro­duc­ers alive, as well as some­one who brings more to this pos­i­tive ele­ment peo­ple call “hip-hop”… Kanye West, has just dropped his “offi­cial” debut cd Col­lege Dropout. I say “offi­cial” because he had anoth­er release ear­ly decem­ber 2003. That “advance” release were re-mas­tered/re-mixed on his “offi­cial” from what I’m hear­ing. Here’s the track list­ing from the “advance” cd:

01 Intro [01:18]
02 Self Con­scious [03:06]
03 Jesus Walks (intro) [00:49]
04 Jesus Walks [03:30]
05 Two Words feat. Mos Def Free­way & Harlem Boys Choir [04:25]
06 The Good, The Bad, The Ugly feat. Con­se­quence [04:10]
07 Breathe In Breathe Out [05:23]
08 Keep The Receipt feat. Dirt Mcgirt [03:30]
09 Heavy Hit­ters feat. GLC [03:01]
10 Slow Jamz feat. Twista & Jaime Foxx [04:06]
11 My Way [03:26]
12 Fam­i­ly Busi­ness [04:38]
13 Through The Wire [04:34]
14 Nev­er Let You Do feat. Jay‑z & Saul Williams [04:30]
15 Home (bonus) [04:02]

All-in-all, this album is some­thing dif­fer­ent. Made myself lis­ten to it, as well as ana­lyze the damn song (lyrics and beats). I can tru­ly say beats, rhyme, and reason—hands down, one of the best hiphop (solo-artist) debut CD I ever bought and enjoyed in a while (maybe even since wycle­f’s Car­ni­val). As he said on MTV, VH1, and BET… go down­load it wherever/however you can—and if you like it, support…buy it! I guar­an­tee that you will.

get fit, get psyched

well… today, or tonight, is the start of my “track-and-field” work­out. just came back from 24, that was dope… 11pm and not a lot of people—sweet. i did a lot of pon­der­ing on my way to the place, as well on my way back from it. one major thought that i did remem­ber was… work­ing out isn’t hard at all. its mak­ing your­self want to go, get dressed for it, and dri­ve to the place that is. after doing the work­out itself, its dri­ving back to your place, tak­ing a show­er, and calm­ing down your nerves to go to sleep. mean­while, the morn­ing after, the hard­est thing is not to be sore, or at least not to walk like it. i’m glad i got psy­ched even though it was pour­ing big-fat rain drops out­side; flash-flood warn­ing and all in the OC. tomor­row, shit—i’ll be walk­ing like a duck.

in oth­er news, the mam­moth trip left me with a sweet taste in my mouth; and mak­ing me want to get some more of it. a few sug­ges­tions have been made by peo­ple that there might be anoth­er trip or so …soon. i myself would like to go again fo’shiz­zle. that’ll be dope if i can go on the 29th of feb­ru­ary… geez, that day does­n’t come often; and how many times can you say that you board­ed on feb. 29th …you know?!?! if you would like to roll, or going to be up there some­time soon, drop a line.

from my mind to yours, …eat, drink and be mer­ry! …i mean live healthy! (too)